Pandya Store 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Suman begins the episode by asking Dhara if she wants to be a custodian for Chiku and if she should maintain their names. Dhara says I’ll endeavour to be a good custodian, and I won’t spend any money without first consulting Shweta. Shweta says it’s fine, my parents have a lot of faith in you, and I have a headache. She walks away. Suman directs you to Raavi’s chamber. Dhara says I’ll go ask her if she wants anything. Rishita laughs as she makes a joke about Shweta. Shweta hurls objects in rage. She claims that this isn’t fair because they changed my game. She sits, sobbing. Raavi claims that when you’re angry, you laugh at any time. Rishita claims that I am not amused by Shweta, but by dramatic marriages. Suman cautions her to control her tongue. Krish claims to be joking; don’t ruin her mood. Dev also makes fun of Rishita. Gautam says, “Dhara has a great responsibility, and I’m not sure if she can handle it.” He examines the file. Shiva asks, “Why are you so tense?” You forget, Dhara isn’t doing this for the first time, she saved the Pandya store from foreclosure, she’ll handle everything, right? Rishita says I’ll manage your accounts, and we’ll do everything online. Dev responds, “Good, my friend is an investment banker; we’ll put the money to good use.”

Dhara approaches Chiku and says, “I want to tell you something; I won’t use that money to raise Chiku; he will get all the amenities that Chutki gets; Chiku will decide about the trust money; and we will cover all of his expenses.” They are all smiling. Dhara claims this since Krish is Chiku’s father and Chiku is a Pandya. Krish thinks you made the correct choice, so why are you crying? Suman believes Gautam would be pleased. Gautam beams. Suman believes he should be happy of Dhara because her decision was correct. Dhara apologises, saying, “I determined this on my own; if someone has an issue, please let me know.” Rishita agrees with you after a long time, both children will be treated equally, what could be better than that? Dhara embraces her. Jeevan ka ye pahiya….plays….

Shiva claims that now we understand why Shweta’s parents have so much faith in you. They are all holding Dhara’s hand. Shiva turns to face Raavi. Krish believes it is sufficient that we are with Chiku. Suman notices that Shiva is not holding Raavi’s hand. She embraces Chiku. Dhara embraces Krish. Shweta claims that dad must answer for this. She walks away from the window. Hari wonders if appointing Dhara the caretaker was a mistake for Shweta. Jankana declines. Shweta returns home and confronts them. Jankana claims you aren’t concerned about Chiku because you married Krish but not for Chiku’s sake. Shweta screams and sits in tears. Jankana replies, “Stop this drama, you ran away with Deven, and he showed up at your engagement party dressed as your brother.” Shweta is taken aback.

Arnav returns home. Shiva is greeted by him. Shiva takes a step back. Shweta says Deven, who told you about him, Dhara would have told you, she isn’t what I thought she was, she isn’t innocent, she told you about Deven and me to make me fall in your eyes, I knew it. Jankana thinks that suggests my guess was correct; does Dhara know? Shweta responds, “No, I didn’t mean that,” implying that Dhara is capable of lying. Jankana claims that if Dhara doesn’t know this, she shouldn’t know it, and that if they do, our respect would be damaged. Arnav wishes Krish and his wife a happy marriage. Raavi affirms. Krish arrives and greets you. Dev credits Arnav for Raavi’s success. Arnav says thanks, but she is smart and sharp. He congratulates Krish and hugs him. He gives a gift.

To offer Shweta the gift, Krish asks him to do so. Jankana claims, “I met Deven at the resort; I know you planned to steal the money from your Sasural and run, but Rishita caught you.” Shweta declines. Jankana says you didn’t think about the proofs you left, you did the same with our locker, I don’t know what you know, you’re married now, they’re nice people, and I won’t let you ruin their lives. Hari invites her to return home. Shweta claims that they are all dramatic, that Krish is dull, that they are low-standard people, and that I do not want to go there. Jankana wonders what your standard is if we delete your father’s surname. Krish bangs on the door and shouts out to Shweta. He sits and talks as though she is sleeping. He notices the pillows hidden behind the blanket. He is taken aback. He asks, “Where is Shweta?” I answer, “No, I’m thinking a lot.” He goes to his room and asks, “Where has she gone?” He dials her number. She switches off. He claims she became agitated and left the house. His phone is knocked over. He chooses it. He notices Shweta’s bag beneath the bed. He claims, “I believe she did not unpack it; I will unpack, and she will be grateful.” He looks over her clothes and asks, “Why did she put this here?” Jankana advises you to stay in your Sasural or on the roads and ponder about what you want to accomplish. Krish checks the cupboard. He finds it empty. He says my doubt was right, she is planning to leave the house.

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