Pandya Store 23rd October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Arnab seeing Raavi’s ability to walk quickly and stating that her leg is fine. Raavi claims to have taken pain relievers. Arnab inquires as to why she did not show it to the doctor, to which Raavi responds that it is not a major injury. Shiva and Dev are taken aback by this news. Shweta’s mother tells her that she can either stay at the Pandyas’ house or be homeless. Shweta’s mother will not let Shweta hurt Krish. Krish is under the impression that Shweta has fled. He calls Shweta. Shweta’s mother answers the phone. She lies about Shweta missing her parents and being ill, so she came to their house to see them.

Krish claims that because Shweta did not notify them before leaving, they became concerned. Shweta’s mother says she’ll drop her off at home. Shweta’s mother requests that she return to the Pandyas’ home after getting the call. Shweta is adamantly opposed. Shweta’s mother advises her to go out and think about it while driving. Shweta is taken aback. She storms out of the house, enraged. She blames Dhara for her predicament and vows vengeance on her.

Dhara hands Suman Chiku’s custodian papers and asks that they be kept in her locker. Suman concurs. Dhara inquires of Suman whether Chiku may now sleep in her room. Suman claims she has already begun to assert her ownership of Chiku. Meanwhile, Krish discovers Shweta’s passport and her flight to Dubai. He believes Shweta is organising their surprise honeymoon trip. He looks through his tickets and those of Chiku. He can’t find their tickets and wonders if she reserved them. Dhara claims that she is misinterpreting her. She claims that Shweta and Krish didn’t have enough time to get to know each other before their wedding. They should give them the space they need to work on their relationship. If Chiku stays with them, things will be difficult.

Dhara wants to keep Chiku with her until they are both at ease with one other. Suman compliments Dhara on her big heart. Dhara embraces Suman. Dev enters Krish’s room. He inquires about Shweta’s whereabouts. He claims Shweta was not in Raavi’s room. Krish claims she is not at home. Dev inquires as to if she fled. Krish denies this and claims she went to meet her parents because she missed them. Dev inquires whether he is not concealing something. Krish denies it and asks him not to tell Suman since she will mock him. Dev, on the other hand, becomes suspicious that Krish is hiding something. Krish places Shweta’s suitcase under the bed and closes it.

Raavi is in the kitchen preparing snacks for Arnab. Shiva visits Raavi. The latter informs Shiva that she does not want any battles right now. After Arnab has left, he is free to do anything he wants. Shiva examines Raavi’s foot and inquires as to why she did not inform him of her foot issue. He bellows at her, demanding an answer. Raavi requests that he let go of this subject. Dev and Arnab are aware of this. Dev notices that Shiva and Raavi have resumed their fight. Shiva struggles to let go and wonders why Raavi didn’t notify anyone in the family save Arnab about her foot injury. Raavi claims she only notified Arnab because he was present when she was injured. Raavi asks why she should tell him about her injury when he doesn’t care about her. In anger, Shiva admits that he doesn’t care about her and walks out.

Arnab inquires of Krish about Shweta’s whereabouts. Dev lies about going to a parlour. Arnab receives a phone call and requests that Dev contact Raavi regarding an urgent project. Dev tells Raavi that she needs to go to the store to get milk because it has spoiled. He requests that he wait. Arnab claims that he is running late for work. He leaves after handing Dev Shweta and Krish their gifts. Shiva is chastised by Dev for arguing with Raavi in front of the guest.

Krish calls and discovers that her phone has been turned off. He becomes concerned when Shweta flees her parents’ home. Dev notices Krish is nervous and inquires whether Shweta has arrived home. Krish denies it and requests that he not tell anybody else in the house about it until she arrives. Dev questions Krish, wondering whether he is hiding something from him or if he clashed with her. Krish strongly rejects it. Dev wonders if Shweta left the house upset that Dhara has become Chiku’s custodian. He claims that in that scenario, Rishita will make his life a living hell by claiming that she was correct. Krish makes fun of Dev’s fear of his wife.

Shiva and Raavi are putting the finishing touches on Krish and Shweta’s first wedding night celebration. They exchange glares and dispute. When Raavi pricks her finger in the ripped petal and it begins to bleed, Shiva gives his kerchief. He requests that Raavi not overreact. It’s not a major injury. Raavi tears the kerchief and tosses it in Shiva’s face, stating she isn’t used to his attention. Meanwhile, Dhara searches the home for Shweta and asks Krish where she is. She calls Shweta because Krish does not answer.

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