Pandya Store 24th October 2022 episode written update

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She phones Shweta and says her line is disconnected; tell me what’s going on. Dev requests that Krish tell him where Shweta is. Krish believes he has further ensnared me. I don’t know, says Shweta has gone somewhere. Dev wonders where. Krish says parlour. She wonders why. He claims she told him it was the first night, so she went to get dressed. She says, “Stop it, we don’t know when they grow up.” Right, says Dev. She pats his head. She requests that you notify me when Shweta arrives. She leaves. Krish claims Dhara would have known. Dev adds, “I informed Arnav about the parlour story, and you told Dhara about it; tell me where Shweta is.” Krish answers, “I’m not sure,” and that she is at her parents’ house. Dev explains what is going on. Shweta returns home. Dhara embraces her. Shweta believes you have betrayed me, so I will remain in this family and make it shallow. Dhara inquires as to where you went alone and why you didn’t acquire proper makeup. Shweta inquires about the makeup, which I did not receive. Krish says, “Oh, maybe they didn’t do it right,” and invites Shweta in for a two-minute conversation. Dhara says you can’t converse till the evening, so Shweta, come with me.

Dhara takes Shweta to her room at night. She requests that Shweta forget about the past and concentrate on her life with Krish. Krish is waiting for Shweta. He believes she is obligated to respond to my question concerning the ticket. Dhara says, “I’m there,” and she adds, “I want to see the same respect in your eyes as I see in Krish’s eyes, so don’t betray my trust.” Shweta promises, “I will never betray your trust; I can do this for you and your family.” She enters the room. When she sees the decorations, she is taken aback.

She spoils it and chastises Krish. She begs him to turn off the candles and lights so she can sleep. Krish says, “I’ll turn off the lights, but first I need your answers.” I have this ticket and visa in your bag, you’re going to Dubai, where do you want to go, if you’re planning a honeymoon, where is my ticket, what about Chiku’s ticket and visa, tell me what’s up. She destroys the ticket. She claims she doesn’t think you’re suited to accompany her. Dhara is sitting and hoping for Krish’s happiness. Gautam approaches and observes. He displays the gajra and invites her to visit soon.

Shweta inquires, “Why should I take you?” Krish introduces himself as your spouse; we both married. She claims you lack the necessary status to be my driver. He wonders why you married me, you should have refused, I came to ask you many times, you ran to your parents’ house because you didn’t want to continue this relationship, but they sent you back. She responds, “I didn’t want to marry; what was the use of going to my parents and discussing this marriage when you are no one to challenge me?” Gautam is waiting for Dhara to finish her prayers. He simply invites her to accompany him. They leave. Shweta admits she is afraid when it comes to happiness.

He apologises to Shweta and adds, “If you think it was my mistake, I will talk to your parents and my family; you don’t have to live your life with me hopelessly.” She says, “Wow, you all have a habit of acting fantastic; I’ve made a lot of blunders in my life; I can’t make another mistake; you, my parents, and Dhara govern my life; I despise Dhara.” He yells, “Don’t you dare say anything against Dhara, she is one in a million, you and Chiku are alive today because of her, she got you admitted to the hospital and saved your life, she loved Chiku more than you do, consider before you say anything.” She says Dhara has snatched my right, she broke all my dreams.

Dhara is forced to wear the gajra by Gautam. Ishq ye haye re….plays… He takes a look around. She draws him in close. He claims Dev might show up. She chuckles. He claims that our romance is unique. They sit comfortably and cheerfully. Krish claims Rishita was telling the truth when she said you were unhappy with Dhara for becoming Chiku’s custodian.

Shweta claims that Dhara grabbed my right, that my father made Dhara so wealthy, that you understand the value of trust, that I have no money, that I feel suffocated in this mansion. He says, “I understand everything,” and that your parents insisted on this condition for marriage. Shweta says sure, since otherwise, why would I marry you? He is taken aback.

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