Pandya Store 25th October 2022 episode written update

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Krish scolds Shweta at the beginning of the episode. If you have to become custodian, he says you have to get the baby along, therefore why didn’t you get his ticket? She claims that I didn’t want Chiku, but rather my independence and money. He claims that you think I became enraged at you and wanted to marry you because I couldn’t bear seeing Dhara upset, so I married you to give Chiku to Dhara even though I wasn’t interested in marrying you. Shweta is taken aback. Gautam and Dhara discuss Krish and Shweta. He says he might be able to assist you if there is an issue. Dhara claims there is nothing to say, and the moon has become shy after seeing your romance. He laughs. She gives him a kiss. Shweta replies, “Are you insane?” You should have informed me once that you wanted Chiku for Dhara, and I would have given him to you; you have ruined our lives. She sobs and screams, “I despise you for wrecking my life.”

Shiva enters the room and collapses on the floor. Raavi questions how he can think of Arnav and myself. She is sleeping. He claims that if any other man knows more about my wife, I will be hurt, and that this situation will be resolved when you sort this out. Krish claims you’ve become so greedy that you’re ready to abandon Chiku. Shweta says no, look at your situation, you ask Dhara for money, I can’t do this, what will you do if I ask for money, what about her questions, truth be told, this is your situation in this house. He adds, first check your status, who said I don’t have money, we all brothers get a share of the Pandya store revenues, I give the portion to Dhara, I like to ask her, why did you beg your parents, we are equal in status, I’m better than you, I understand the value of money. She claims that I knew the worth as well; I wanted Chiku’s custody, my independence, and money; you don’t know what life is like without it. He says, “I don’t want to know, you’re a hard-hearted mother,” Rishita comes from a large family, she’s adjusted, and she wasn’t ready to give Chutki to Dhara previously.

He claims that I am not allowed to notify the family about this. Shweta is enraged. Rishita sings and adds, “I’m thrilled,” because Shweta’s parents trust Dhara more and have appointed her as Chiku’s custodian. Dev takes a seat. I agree with you since I love you, he wonders whether we will argue about others. She asks if you know anything about Shweta, and you are eventually proven wrong. He apologises and says, “I’m not sure.” She says you’ll know when her truth comes out, that you look cute when you try to hide something and can’t, and who will apologise? He apologises. She embraces him. She thinks to herself, “Thank you Dev, you agreed to me, I have to bring her truth out before it’s too late, I want Shweta’s phone, but how.” 

Shweta tells her to stop since Dhara will get greedy once she has money in her account. Krish claims that if your mind can work this hard, you will learn about Dhara’s investment. She wonders what I’m doing here in your wonderful family; she suggests that I go, but I can’t because your family is content with our marriage. He says they are glad because they believe I made the proper decision for my life; how do I tell them that this is my life’s mistake, I can’t hurt them any further, and it’s best if you keep your mouth shut? What if I don’t? she wonders. He says it’s your loss, tell the truth, break the relationship, and leave the house, go now, I advise you, stay here and try to convince your parents, get custody and money, and go with your freedom, but there’s a catch, leave Chiku here, we’ll all be happy, think what you want, we’re nothing inside this room. He leaves. She claims I didn’t keep him under control and told him everything in rage; if he tells anyone my truth, it will be difficult for me to be here; I must act like a nice bahu and wife.

Dhara awakens. Krish is crying at her door. She runs over and asks what happened, why you’re sobbing, and if you fought with Shweta. He wonders how you can do this to me, and why you kept Shweta’s truth from me. She claims that I gave her a chance since I believed she was telling the truth. He claims it should have been my choice. Gautam awakens. Krish says, “I’m divorcing Shweta because I don’t want to be with her.” Dhara wonders whether you’ve gone insane; relationships don’t end like this. Gautam inquires as to whose relationship is failing. Dhara looks around and doesn’t see Krish.

He inquires, “What happened?” She hugs him and says nothing; I was wondering whether everything would be well. He claims that you are not telling me anything. She explains, “I was thinking about Shweta and Krish, who had taken on a lot of responsibility with their marriage.” He says alright, don’t tell me, but promise to tell me the situation so that I can psychologically prepare myself. She says, “I know you’ll always be there for me.” They embrace. She expresses gratitude to him. Krish replies, “What shall I do?” I must conceal the truth from my family and prepare them for the storm that would ensue once the truth is revealed.

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