Pandya Store 26th October 2022 episode written update

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Raavi receives a work call at the beginning of the episode. Shweta asks her to accompany her; she will perform the work. Raavi responds, “No, it’s your first day, how will it look?” Oh, then I’ll call Dhara and Rishita, adds Shweta. Raavi says no, family comes first, and she will do the task. Shweta says, “Your thinking is so wonderful; just go; I’ll handle it.” She dispatches Raavi. She beams. It’s morning, and Krish is cheerful in front of Dhara. Dhara claims that I was worried about Shweta and you. Krish claims that we are buddies who understand one other. Dhara says it’s fine, just be joyful; if you take Shweta to the movies, you’ll have time together. He declines. She inquires if everything is in order. He says no, not right now. He chuckles. Raavi sees Dhara and says, “No one cares about me; what will others do if Shiva doesn’t respect my work?”

Shiva claims that everyone has time, and that we will complete the terrace leakage repair. Suman requests that he complete the task. Shiva says Gautam will discuss it with you. Dev informs us that we must visit the supplier today. Rishita says, “Just tell me whether you’re going to support me when I reveal Rishita.” Dev says I will, but I must tread carefully because Shweta is now the bahu of the house, and this will have an influence on Krish and his family. She kisses him and tells him, “You’re the finest.” Raavi notices them and adds, “I’m running late; Rishita didn’t come to help since she’s romancing here.” She receives a phone call and departs.

Shweta adds lemon to the dinner and apologises. Raavi made the breakfast, Sasuma; I merely made it. She walks away. Chutki, teach me how to get Shweta’s phone, Rishita says. She goes to Dhara and begs her to look after Chutki because she has an important presentation. Dhara says yes. Shweta wishes Raavi luck for your encounter. Raavi thanks you and bids you farewell. Dhara advises Raavi to be cautious. Raavi leaves. Rishita inquires, “Sweetheart?” Rishita requests that Dhara bathe Chutki. Dhara suggests getting kesar milk for the babies. Shweta accepts breakfast. Suman inquires as to Shiva’s breakfast. Shweta says Raavi just finished your breakfast and left for work; she says she has a breakfast appointment with Arnav and requested me to get you breakfast; sorry, I will fetch food for Shiva. Shiva responds, “No need, I’m heading to the store.” Suman says, “Take this away from me; I don’t want to eat.” Shweta insists on eating with her. Suman detects the lemon flavour and declares it to be upma or poison. Shweta believes she put too much lemon in a rush. Suman claims she made a mistake the first time, and I need to talk to her about it the second time. Shweta beams. Rishita walks into the kitchen to collect the milk.

She obtains Shweta’s phone from there. She beams. It gives her Deven’s phone number. She texts Deven and asks him to meet her in the backyard to pick up the jewellery. Deven understands the message. He smiles and says, “OK, sweetie, I’ll definitely come, I love you.” Rishita beams. She dismisses the message. She claims that everyone would know Shweta’s message by evening. She sends another text. Something is wrong, he says, how did she turn pleasant. He responds by asking if everything is fine, how did you get romantic, and if you will call me home and offer me poison. She reads it and becomes concerned. She claims it implies their affair is over, which is fantastic, but he is sceptical of reading this message. She responds, “Take the jewellery if you want, or go to hell, don’t message me anymore, I’m blocking your number.” I can’t lose it, says Deven. He responds, “No, don’t do that; I’ll come to see my old Shweta.” Shweta enters the kitchen and is injured. Rishita is concerned. She gives Shweta a hug and deletes the texts. She holds on to the phone. She smiles and says, “You’ll get used to it; I’ll take the milk,” as Dhara requested. Dhara claims you arrived late. Rishita says you can do whatever you want.

Dhara says you appear joyful today; what’s the deal? Rishita believes I can’t inform her about my plan. She says no, but I was thinking we should go out for puja; it will be fun. Suman confirms, you have Shweta for work, who knows nothing, Raavi has gone to the office, and you both are conversing. Dhara claims Raavi prepared the breakfast. Suman claims that Shiva did not eat the food and departed, and that Raavi does not care about the family. Dhara inquires, “Did you eat?” Suman inquires, “How can I eat when my son is hungry?” Raavi had added a lot of lemon in the upma. Dhara claims to be an excellent cook. Suman says Raavi left the kitchen to Shweta and walked out; how can you forget letting Shweta go in the kitchen before her first rasoi? Dhara claims that she remembers it now. Shweta beams. Dhara apologises, saying, “I forgot.” Suman claims you have Chiku and dislike rasams. Shweta says, “Don’t criticise Dhara; I went to the kitchen on my own volition.” Dhara claims I erred by failing to inform you about the rasam. Rishita believes it is an excellent opportunity. She claims that because Shweta did not prepare food and Raavi prepared breakfast, we can perform the first rasoi rite. Suman says yeah, do it now, Shweta hasn’t done anything yet, don’t leave it to her, go help her. Rishita confirms that we will assist her. Dhara goes to summon Shiva. Suman directs Shweta to go get ready. Shweta leaves. Rishita believes Shweta would have her first and last rasoi before leaving the house. Dev instructs Shiva not to lift any sacks and to call any labourer. Shiva declares, “I don’t need any labourers; I’ll lift sacks.” Dev replies, “I had no idea you had such a strong desire to lift sacks.” Rishita asks if I deleted the message. Shweta takes out her phone and wonders, “Did Rishita check my phone?”

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