Pandya Store 27th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Dhara calling Dev and warning him about Shiva, who is heading to the store without food. She becomes enraged. He says I’ll see him later. Dev advises Krish to concentrate on his academics because it is his final year. Krish says it’s fine because I got married and now I have to work and earn money. Dev thinks it’s fantastic. Krish considers what to tell them; I don’t want anyone to mock me. Dev advises to go get some breakfast. Krish claims I ordered breakfast. Gautam appears and says, “You just got married; why are you so upset?” Shiva asserts that marriage causes annoyance. No, Gautam adds, my life improved once I married Dhara. They are staring at him. Gautam inquires of Shiva, “Did your dispute with Raavi get resolved?” Dev says no, he is irritated to see Arnav, Arnav came yesterday to congratulate Krish, and Shiva argued with Raavi. Shiva counters. Dev claims that Rishita and I fight because we have opposing viewpoints.

Shiva claims you’ll be furious if you see her with someone else, and she gets angry when I ask her a question. Dev claims that their relationship will not be saved; instead, they will fight. He requests that Shiva take action. Shiva advises, “Don’t think about it; just let it be.” Gautam says, “Please wait while I consider.” Dev advises him to consider quickly, because Raavi may abandon him and depart. Krish says, “Don’t say this; I’m terrified.” Gautam inquires whether you or your wife intend to flee. Krish considers leaving. He makes an excuse and walks away. Dev returns home. Rishita is at work. He notices Chutki. She believes that everything should go as planned. He observes that you appear concerned. She says yes, I’m afraid, remember the guy from Krish and Shweta’s engagement, Deven isn’t his namesake brother, he’s her boyfriend, he’s Chiku’s father, she was going to swap jewellery with his assistance. Dev advises her to reconsider before blaming Shweta. Rishita claims I’ve already confirmed this. He claims that shows she is still having an affair with her ex, and that she cheated Krish and us. She responds, “Calm down, she’s just attempting to rob the house; I summoned Deven to meet; I’ve set up the cameras; I’ll play the live footage and expose Shweta.” Dev thinks it’s a horrible idea. Rishita tells me that I need to bring Shweta to the backyard because Deven will see her empty-handed, they will fight, and their discussion will expose them. He believes your plan will fail. He leaves. She invites him to accompany her.

Gautam, Dev, and Shiva prepared the vegetables. Dhara appears and inquires as to what they are doing. She says, “I didn’t realise Shweta could make the food; we’ll assist her.” Rishita says the greatest episode of my favourite show is coming tonight, and we’ll watch it together. She claims you’ll make good stories, and she does. Shweta is preparing the dinner. Krish chooses pani puri. Dhara claims that it is for Shweta. Krish says fine, try it once. Dhara exclaims, “I made it, and it’s perfect.” Dev says it’s 8.30 p.m. Dhara instructs Shweta to keep the dish warm. Rishita replies no; ask her to prepare the food ahead of time so we can watch the show.

Dev believes she can share her plan with enthusiasm. His finger is slashed. Dhara provides assistance. She gives them gifts and says they would be given to Shweta from their side. She inquires of Rishita, “What will you give Shweta?” Rishita bestows several blessings. Dhara advises to praise the cuisine and offer her these gifts. Shweta smiles. Rishita predicts that my gift will be late. Gautam hands Shiva a box. Shiva inquires whether we shall shower Shweta with presents. Gautam says that’s for Raavi, so please give it to her. He displays the earrings. Shweta believes that much drama will occur here today; you will recall my first rasoi, and I am waiting for Raavi. Raavi had a disagreement with the car driver. She starts the car. Shweta phones Raavi and says, “Don’t you know, this is my first rasoi, please come soon.” Raavi responds, “Oh, no one told me, otherwise I would have come earlier.” Shweta reports you went without offering Shiva breakfast, which enraged Shiva; Suman was also enraged since the lemon had gotten too much in the upma; return home soon. Raavi adds, “I don’t recall it; Suman should understand; in any case, I’ll come and apologise to her.”

Rishita says we’ll watch my favourite show after dinner. Suman claims Raavi did not arrive until now. Dhara says I’ll contact her. Suman claims she used a lot of lemon in my upma. Raavi approaches and apologises. Shweta observes. Look at her attitude, Suman says. Dhara says you arrived on time, so freshen up because it’s Shweta’s first rasoi. Yes, Raavi says, I know you didn’t phone to inform me. Rishita says you arrived on time and should leave. Suman asks if Dhara told you to come on time, and you say no, you had a work meeting, so you left the breakfast to Shweta. Shiva said you requested her to give mum breakfast. If you want to fight me, Raavi advises you should wait a while. Suman claims that he is continuously thinking of methods to make you happy. Shweta is dancing in the kitchen. Suman says she has an attitude, she earns now, and her husband is nothing, I allowed you to work outside, but you can’t leave the house obligations; if you can’t keep the house first, there’s no need for you to work outside. Shweta arrives.

Gautam claims that Raavi is correct, and that he would speak with Suman. Dhara says no, and her mother is furious. Raavi cries and argues. Suman chastises her. She says I will remain silent until you balance household and outside employment, or else I will scold you, and the rules apply to everyone here. Raavi is consoled by Shweta. Suman claims there is no need to express sympathy because she cries every day. Dhara apologises, saying that it is not Raavi’s fault, but ours; we should have known she had a meeting and should have assisted her; I was distracted by Krish and didn’t notice. Raavi says she observed you passing the time, Rishita was busy romancing Dev, and no one bothered that I was in charge of the kitchen by myself. Rishita claims that you can’t look down on Dev and my relationship if your and Shiva’s relationship isn’t going well. Raavi departs. Dhara questions if Raavi will look down on your relationship and if you don’t think before answering. She invites Raavi to join her downstairs for dinner. When will they have food, Rishita urges Shweta to make something quickly. Suman requests that Shweta prepare Koftas quickly. She suggests that you watch the show tomorrow. Rishita believes my strategy would fail. Shweta considers lengthening the fight.

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