Pandya Store 29th October 2022 episode written update

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I knew you had stolen jewellery and money from your parents’ house for my reason, I recall, you did a lot of things for my love, Deven says at the beginning of the episode. Shweta is concerned. Dhara is clutching Deven’s collar. He is taken aback when he sees her. She asks if you want jewellery, but I won’t allow you take even the house dust since the cops will catch you. He gets slapped by her. Gautam, she yells Shiva. Deven pushes her and attacks her with a knife. She is injured.

Everyone is taken aback when they witness this. They’re all running outside. Dhara passes out. Shiva and Dev thrashed Deven. Gautam is holding Dhara. Shweta is concerned and enters the residence. Deven is knocked down. He notices Chiku in Raavi’s grasp. He separates Chiku from her. He claims that I will put him down. Gautam requests that he leave Chiku alone. Krish is signed by Shiva. Gautam says we’ll chat later, so leave Chiku alone. Deven is attacked from behind by Shiva. Suman notices Shweta. Shweta notices the live video on the TV. Shiva triumphs over Deven. Shweta freezes when she sees Suman. Suman becomes enraged. She switches off the projector. The police arrive.

Shiva claims that because everyone is being caught on camera, she will make a statement against Deven. Deven has been arrested. Dhara is lifted into the house by Gautam. Suman inquires as to her well-being. Raavi goes in search of water. Rishita goes to collect the first-aid kit. Shweta claims that I did nothing and that she has no idea how Deven arrived. Suman gives her a slap. Suman says you’re daring to lie, that everyone knows about you, that we kept your child and you at home, that Krish married a female like you, and that you should all lock Shweta up with her lover. Please pay attention to Shweta. Dev claims she is now our bahu, and we cannot imprison her.

Suman says you’re frightened about the taunts from strangers; she ruined Krish’s life; call Jankana and urge her to remove Shweta; she’ll ruin our entire house. She expresses her regret to Krish. Krish agrees that you are correct; she does not deserve to be here and was planning to flee. Everyone is taken aback. Suman claims you knew it, so why didn’t you tell me sooner? Krish says no, I found out about this yesterday, she told me the truth, I assumed she would stay with our family and reform, everything would be OK, I only found out about Deven today, sorry. Suman responds, “I’m sorry, but I got you married to her.” She sobs. Rishita claims that it is not Krish’s fault; Shweta duped you as well, and Krish is young.

Suman motions for Shweta to rise. Shweta is dragged out of the house by her. She instructs Krish to go to a lawyer and file divorce papers; it is best if our relationship with her ends. Shweta is chastised by her. Shweta inquires as to where I intend to go at this moment. Suman advises you to go to your parents since they will know how to manage your cheating. Gautam provides assistance to Dhara. Rishita tells Maa to relax. Suman claims that Rishita kept informing him, but he ignored her. Krish tosses Shweta’s purse. Shweta claims I’m telling the truth. Rishita adds, “Don’t pull Dhara into your words; I know what you’ll see.” Rishita says, “The reality is, you’ve showed different sides to everyone; we were idiots to keep you here.” Suman says there’s no need to chat and closes the door. They closed the door. Please open the door, Shweta says. She sobs.

She claims that this happened because of Rishita and Dhara, and that I must go to mom since I have no other option. She walks away. Suman claims that if you had all heard him previously, this would not have happened. Raavi responds, “Ignore that; everything is great.” Suman claims that you all coerced him into agreeing to Krish and Shweta’s marriage. Rishita claims, “I told you, this girl isn’t right; no one believed me; it’s a good thing Dev supported me today, or Shweta would have tricked us.” Dev claims, “I found out Shweta was absent, Krish didn’t know, and I believed Rishita was correct.” Gautam inquires whether or not anyone called the doctor. Krish reports that the doctor has arrived. The doctor examines Dhara. She takes care of her wound. She asks Gautam to get the medicines.

Suman tells Dhara to sleep in the room, and that he and I will talk in the morning. Krish invites her to accompany him. Krish considers Dhara. He sobs. Krish, Gautam says it’s not your fault. Shweta will arrive shortly. She remembers everything. She asks, “Where shall I go now?” She says, “I have nowhere to go.” She sobs.

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