Pandya Store 30th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with a group of men taunting Shweta. Dhara becomes aware. Gautam questions why, knowing Shweta’s reality, you chose to confront Deven alone. Dhara says, “I know you’ll be with me to handle the mess,” therefore I’m not afraid. He asks what he would do if something happened to you. She claims that nothing bad will happen to me as you are with me. Shweta is surrounded by thugs and is concerned. Dhara thinks of Shweta. She notices Chiku. Shweta cries out for assistance. Some ladies arrive. The thugs escape. The lady inquires as to your well-being and the location of your residence. Shweta claims it’s close by, so I’ll make do. Dhara sobs. Krish thinks it’s fine. Shweta isn’t here; my mother has urged me to divorce, and Dhara has Chiku with her. Shweta sobs as she recalls her old life.

She claims that I have stayed on the roadways before and that I will not do so again. Rishita believes I have taken Shweta away; Dhara can go get her, but I need to speak with her. She walks out and sees Dhara sobbing. Dhara says I’m worried about Krish’s collapse. Rishita says you shouldn’t mourn for that imposter, and don’t tell me you’re thinking about bringing her back. Shweta injures herself with a stone. Dhara inquires as to what you mean. Rishita claims Suman fired her, revealing the truth. So you did it, Dhara says. Rishita answers yes, and I messaged Deven to come get the jewellery; that was my plan. Dhara claims you refused to give her a chance.

Rishita says she was impersonating Sanskari bahu. Dhara exclaims, “I despise you.” Did you consider Chiku? If Shweta brought him along, how would I live? She ascends the steps. Shweta enters the house through a window. She enters Krish’s room. He is taken aback when he sees her. He wonders why you came here and tells you to leave. She claims that I did not come to stay here, that no one will accept me here, that some thugs were chasing me, that I saved my life and came here, and that I am secure here. He says you should have realised the value of this house when you tricked us and that you should leave. She claims I didn’t come to stay.

Rishita requests Dhara’s attention. Dhara claims that you ruined everything. Rishita claims I just told her the truth. Dhara applauds her. She advises that when Shweta arrives to take Chiku, you should give him to her. Shweta instructs her to go retrieve Chiku from Dhara. Krish asks, “What did you say?” You said you were leaving him and heading to Dubai, so why did you come here? You don’t love Chiku, and I won’t let her go with you. She says, “I won’t abandon him, he’s my son, you love money, not him, Dhara got rich, it’s my dream to sell him or make him beg,” and she advises her son to go talk to Dhara. Krish wonders what will happen to Dhara if Chiku leaves. Shweta believes that if I get emotional and cry, Krish and Dhara will agree. Rishita claims I didn’t consider Chiku. Dhara says you only think of yourself, so how will I send Chiku with Shweta? She sobs.

Shweta cries and says, “I agree, I made a terrible mistake, trust me, whatever happened, I didn’t plan it all, it’s not my fault, Deven is my history.” Krish inquires as to why you lied. Shweta says I was helpless; I thought I’d get rid of him; I know you’d do everything for Chiku; if you want Chiku to stay with Dhara, let me stay here; otherwise, where will I go? He argues that if anyone can save you and let you stay here, it’s just Dhara, that I can provide you a place to stay in this room, not out of kindness to Dhara and Chiku.

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