Parineeti 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with the driver telling Parineeti not to open the door, but she does so and jumps. The driver comes to a halt as he notices Parineeti on the ground. Who is going to save you here, the driver asks? Nobody will save you, but someone will save her. Parineeti notices a stone and strikes the driver. Pari begins to run. The driver pursues her. Pari notices another driver and begs him to assist her like a brother. The driver inappropriately touches her. The two drivers join forces and grip Parineeti’s mouth. They intend to harrass her by tying her mouth. They force her to sit in the taxi while tying her hand. They kidnap her. Sanju is feeling guilty and bad for Pari and what he done to her. He then decides not to feel so and thinks to focus on baby. He thinks Pari didn’t think of her and revealed her real face infront of everyone.

One part of Sanju’s thoughts argues, “Pari is the victim, not you; you didn’t give any options for Pari; what will she do seeing her husband and best friend together; she just made the decision today, but it was all his fault; he damaged two lives, and now his baby will bear the curse.” Sanju believes I’m attempting to put things right, and my mother and Neeti are pleased. What about Pari, he wonders? You feel sorry for her, but why? Monty arrives, and Sanju urges him to go. Monty asks, “What assistance do you require from me?” Sanju claims that I am feeling bad about Pari’s departure. Monty believes Sanju draws all types of problems. Monty tries to calm him and asks him to keep himself busy so that his mind is occupied.

The driver teases her and improperly touches her. Pari begs God to explain what is happening to her. When the driver receives a call, he requests that the other driver keep the cab aside. While the other person is keeping her, the driver goes out and talks. Dalel adds, “You will become my Pari, I love you so much, don’t be afraid of me.” Pari sobs and begs for assistance. The other driver said something about a 4 lakh deal. He summons the other driver to the scene. He informs him of his deal and how he must proceed. Dalel inquires, “What exactly is this job?” The driver claims he sold a girl for this. Dalel thinks of Pari and says if I sell a girl how much can you give me? The driver says 4 lakh.

Dalel considers getting someone else and becoming wealthy. Dalel requests that the driver obtain the price of Pari. The driver said Pari is really attractive, but she may be expensive. Dalel fantasises about the day when he will have money. Neeti is unable to locate Sanju and decides to contact him. Neeti notices Pari’s missed call but decides not to call right now because it is late. Neeti wishes Pari and Rajeev a pleasant time together. Neeti believes Pari should stop thinking about Rajeev, who is cheating her. Neeti believes that if Sanju had done this, I would have murdered him. Neeti believes I am fortunate to have found someone like Sanju. Neeti decides to pay him a visit.

Sanju tells Monty, “I am feeling so much guilt even after Neeti returned; she was in such a happy mood, but I was worried for simply Pari; I am feeling empty after Pari departed; I married her without my want, but now that I realise how much she provided to me, I am feeling bad.” Sanju claims that all of this is due to Pari’s goodness; I agree; I can’t think of anything to dislike about her; she made so many sacrifices and brought so much joy to this family; she is a giver always for others.

The drivers take Pari to a different location. Monty tells Sanju, “I think you’re growing drawn to Pari.” It’s not true, according to Sanju. Gurpreet and Harman are concerned about Pari. Gurpreet claims that something happened that caused Pari to leave so late at night; I’m not sure why God is making life so difficult for Pari. Harman tries to reassure Gurpreet. Gurpreet says a prayer for Pari. Chachi is annoyed because Harman is always concerned about Pari. Chachi feels Pari is always a nuisance, and she hopes she doesn’t return here. Monty tries to question Sanju about his feelings for Pari. Sanju is deafeningly quiet. Monty says you like both Neeti and Pari, but you choose Pari because of her goodness. Neeti approaches from behind and says what are you saying?

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