Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 20th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Harku arriving. Dushyant is asked to accompany Ahilya. Harku says you’re still suspicious of Nima’s medicine, even if our Vaid insists it’s an ayurvedic herb. Ahilya says he believes there is a conspiracy against Khanderao, and he is angry a lot these days. Harku grins. Ahilya says, “I’m talking about something serious, and you’re smiling.” Harku jokes that after a few years, spouses become annoyed over trivial matters, and that the answer is simply love. Ganesh ji, according to the servant, has come to meet you. She says I’ll be there. Khanderao squares off in the ring. Nima walks to the milk and puts something in it.

He decides to be attentive. Khanderao triumphs. Everyone applauds. Nima compliments him. He inquires as to why I am feeling weak. Nima claims that after using this drug, you would feel as strong as a cheetah. Ganesh expresses gratitude to Ahilya for the large favour. She responds, “No, you don’t embarrass me; you’re like my father, and I’m like your daughter.” He bestows blessings to her. She requests that he bring his daughter to the wedding. Khanderao becomes dizzy. He summons Ahilya. She doesn’t notice him. He trips and falls. Rakma notices him and wonders what is wrong with him. She notices Ahilya is preoccupied. She goes to Ramjani and requests that someone assist Khanderao. Ramjani inquires as to what happened to him.

Guards take Khanderao. Rakma instructs them to contact Raj Vaid. She begs Ramjani to take him to her room, which is nearby. She says she’ll call everyone and come over. Tukoji observes. Ganesh’s daughter receives a garment from Ahilya. She does not notice Khanderao. Ganesh expresses gratitude to her. Rakma beams. She approaches Ahilya and says Khanderao… Ahilya requests that Sarja take Ganesh outside. Ahilya inquires as to what happened to Khanderao. Rakma claims, “I saw him fainting down, he is alright now, Ramjani arrived on time and brought him away, she would have gotten him conscious by now.” Ahilya takes off running. Rakma believes it will be enjoyable now. Tukoji appears and inquires as to what is going on.

Ahilya notices Ramjani caring for Khanderao. He claims that I am feeling better. Ramjani predicts that you will feel better now. He can hear her beautiful talk. He notices Ahilya and invites her inside. She inquires as to your well-being. He claims I’m alright now. She says that if you weren’t feeling well, why did you go to the wrestling ring? Instead, we’ll go to Raj Vaid. He says no, I don’t have the strength to go, I’m feeling better here, Ramjani is taking good care of me, and I’ll go see Vaid ji when I’m feeling better. Okay, says Ahilya, I need to examine Ganesh’s daughter’s arrangements. She walks away. Ahilya goes into her room and sobs. Tukoji questions why you’re doing this when you know what Ahilya is going through. Rakma adds, “I want to do this because you don’t have time to think about what we’re going through; I’ll do what you couldn’t do for yourself because you don’t fight for your rights and Ahilya always insults you.” He becomes enraged and lifts his fist. Will you slap me, she wonders, and why did you stop? She becomes agitated and leaves. Malhar asks Khanderao, “How are you feeling right now?” Khanderao assures me that I am alright. Gangoba provides information about the opposing army. He predicts that Delhi’s King would be defeated. Malhar claims Khanderao is adamant, so I believe I must go there. Gautama visits Ahilya and finds her depressed. She says she had this gajra crafted just for you. Ahilya reflects on Ramjani’s comments. Gautama says Khanderao is well; he went to meet Malhar; I saw some pain in his eyes; he called you but you didn’t hear him; this should not happen again; if anyone else goes to aid him, then… She walks away.

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