Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Gangoba and Malhar discussing sending assistance to the other King. Khanderao claims that I have written a letter to Delhi’s King and that I will assist him provided he fulfils my requests. Malhar claims you’ve become adamant once more. Khanderao replies no, but you said you wouldn’t decline my request. Malhar concurs. Khanderao inquires as to why you appear concerned. Malhar suggests that I go to the mission personally. Khanderao assures me that I am alright. Malhar and everyone attend Ganesh’s daughter’s wedding. Malhar bestows blessings on the bride. Ahilya suggests that I speak with the groom’s parents once. She claims you threatened to end the marriage if you did not receive var dakshina. Yes, the man responds, everything should be done according to Shastra. She agrees, taking this currency as Vardakshina, shall we begin the marriage? He inquires, “Just a coin?” Yes, she adds, it’s not written anywhere about the quantity to be provided, and I’ve followed the Shastras. Malhar beams. Groom’s father disagrees with her.

She claims that you are doing the same thing, that you have proven it to me, and that you demanded a large sum from Ganesh. He claims it is our right. She claims that this coin is your right and that you should accept it. He says no, I’m not ready, and this marriage will not work. Ganesh implores him. Ganesh is stopped by Ahilya. We shall depart, said the groom’s father. Khanderao intervenes. He claims that you are daring to oppose Ahilya, and that the marriage will take place here right immediately, in the Vardakshina chosen by Ahilya. Gangoba apologises, but they aren’t saying anything wrong; Vardakshina is their right and the bride’s parents’ responsibility. She claims that it cannot be their personal business if it is tied to society. He says that there are other such issues to address. The debate continues. Rakma is signed by Dwarka. They take a step back and leave. Malhar had had enough. He summons Ahilya, Khanderao, Gangoba, and Tukoji to a private meeting. Indumati tells Ramjani everything and praises Ahilya. Ramjani responds, “Yes, I’m a fan of her; she’s unique.” Dwarka and Rakma arrive. Dwarka compliments her, saying she took better care of Khanderao. Ramjani claims there is no comparison between me and Ahilya. Dwarka says he is a king first, and if he is happy, Praja is happy; if he is uptight, Praja is unhappy; all I ask is that you fulfil your duty and serve Khanderao.

Dwarka and Rakma depart. Khanderao claims that he knows how to deal with such stubborn people and force a marriage. Malhar responds, “No, some relationships are sensitive like garments; we need a needle for them, not swords.” He inquires of Ahilya regarding Gangoba’s words. When the bride’s father is unable to pay the vardakshina and is forced to commit suicide, Ahilya says that the matter isn’t personal; this tradition was created by the rich who used to give property to their daughters, but now this tradition has been passed down to poor families; a father does everything and saves money to pay Var dakshina for his daughter’s marriage; if he fails, he lives a suffocated life; times have changed.

Malhar smiles. If you believe Ganesh’s daughter would be satisfied with this forced marriage, Gangoba says fine. Ahilya visits the bride’s parents. She claims that forced relationships do not provide happiness; therefore, I beg that you accept Ganesh’s daughter and agree to the marriage; otherwise, do as you choose because you will not receive any Vardakshina. The groom and his parents depart. Ganesh sobs and becomes unhappy. Ahilya begs him to believe the Lord, that the situation will not be spoiled, that it will not end, that his daughter will marry that same guy, that the guy’s family will come for marriage and treat her with respect, that is my promise.

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