Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Khanderao giving Ahilya a rose. She inquires as to what you are concealing. He says, “I assumed you were still unhappy with me.” She asks, “What happened to you?” and “Why are you displaying love?” She says, “I know you’re hurt by the error, don’t attempt to conceal it from me, I’m your wife, I’ll find out anyhow, why would I be upset, I want your support.” He claims I backed you up in Ganesh’s case. She answers no, you didn’t; you thought you were taking my side to please me, but instead you took yours. He claims I would have married at the point of a sword today. She explains to him that truth must be powerful in order to influence people’s minds. He claims that not everyone in Malwa has a problem. She claims you aren’t told everything, so I’m just telling you what I’ve seen. She remembers meeting the folks and learning about their issues. She claims that we must end the terrible Var dakshina ritual so that the people do not suffer. Mukta approaches and embraces him. She claims that this fight isn’t only for Ganesh’s daughter, but for our daughter and every Rajya daughter.

Rakma wonders why he felt the urge to cry in front of a dancer. Dwarka claims to have esteem; she cannot be purchased with money, but we can melt her with emotions; now she will approach Khanderao and force him to leave Ahilya. Indumati asks Ramjani if this is correct. Ramjani says that love is another name for worship, and I refuse to be ashamed of my worship. Khanderao and Tukoji discuss the mission. Tukoji has informed me that I will depart for Delhi following Bhaidooj. Tukoji inquires whether you believe the monarch will accept your condition. Khanderao adds, “Don’t worry, I’m sure.” Ramjani gives the man a gift. Khanderao receives the betel/paan and the dagger. The man claims she invited you to the Mehfil; simply select the betel leaf. Khanderao picks up the betel leaf. Tukoji says I’m leaving. Khanderao meets Ramjani and consumes the betel leaf. Dwarka insists that we finish this manoeuvre. Malerao arrives. Ahilya dispatches the guards, instructing them to disseminate the word. Mukta inquires whether or not your work was completed. Malerao appears and says, “This is why Khanderao stopped coming here, he doesn’t like to stay in the palace, he went to the guest room, we aren’t getting our father because of you, we won’t come here.” She asks him to listen and to leave Mukta alone. Malerao accompanies Mukta. Dwarka and Rakma are watching. Dwarka laments Ahilya, who is dealing with the Var Dakshina issue and suffering in her life.

The guards travel around the hamlet, asking each family to donate two pennies to Ganesh’s daughter’s wedding, or they will be punished. The villagers inquire as to why we should offer the coins. Malhar and Gautama offer their prayers. Children arrive. Mukta sends Diwali greetings to Malhar. Malhar kisses her and wishes her a happy birthday. He inquires as to why Malerao is upset. Malerao claims that she wished you first, as she does every year. Mukta is also expanding, says Gautama. Malerao greets Malhar with an embrace. Malhar bestows blessings. Mukta wonders why we celebrate Diwali. Gangoba says, “I don’t think you’ll be free anytime soon; please allow me to leave.” He walks away. Gautama says I’ll go do some work in the palace as well. Malhar claims that the triumph of good over evil, the truth over lies, and justice over injustice is symbolised by Diwali.

In the darbar, Malhar meets Ahilya and Gangoba. The people will get unhappy, predicts Gangoba. Malhar inquires whether you are certain that you will attain your objectives in this manner. Yes, Ahilya says, I believe in the goodness of people, and everything will go as planned. Tukoji arrives. Ahilya inquires if you spoke with the groom’s father. He replies yes, and when I tell him how we’re structuring the cash, he says he doesn’t care; he just wants the money. Ahilya adds Khanderao and I will go to him with the money, and one member of the giving family should be present because Ganesh’s daughter would be married at that house. Everyone lights Diwali candles. Ahilya states that everyone starts again by forgetting their problems, and I wish everyone was happy. Harku sends his best wishes. They send their best wishes to Harku and Rakma. Nima observes. Ahilya says to have the kids ready until I return; they are really excited. Harku tells her not to be concerned. I was concerned since Nima said you weren’t feeling well yesterday. Ahilya claims to be fine now. Nima mentions medicineā€¦ She claims Rajvaid refused, claiming Khanderao cannot take anything other than the prescription he prescribed for two days. Khanderao believes she is correct. She turns to face Nima.

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