Radha Mohan 21st October 2022 episode written update

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When the workers arrive at the residence in the morning with the things, Kadambari informs Ajit that they will have the Bhooj of eleven Brahman and did he get the silver plates, Mohan coming questions what is the need for such functions, Shekar explains there is a want due to the fact if the Grandmother of Gungun finds out they are doing it then it would possibly motive them to lose the case, Kadambari requests him to no longer be indignant seeing that these features are simply for Bihari jee due to the fact their household has suffered a lot of issues in the previous so he leaves, she turns thanking Shekar explaining he has been genuinely tensed after what came about yesterday, Shekar assures he would be with Mohan for the whole day.

Damini, standing on the balcony, believes that yesterday was just practise and that today would be a lot of fun. The students are waiting for the bus when they ask Gungun what song she has prepared, and one of them explains that she informed Radha that she had taught her a new song, so they would undoubtedly win. The children are overjoyed when they board the bus and discover that the conductor is the criminal that Damini hired.

As she walks down the stairs, Radha urges Gungun to sing with her heart rather than her lips, as any song performed from the heart is auspicious. She goes on to explain that Gungun must sing in order to win the blessings of Bihari jee, and since it is his song, she will undoubtedly succeed. Gungun asks if this means they will win, and Radha responds that it is written in the Bhagwat Geeta that one should not care about the outcome and the fruits that come with it. Gungun explains she does not want any fruit but needs chocolate, to which Radha agrees.

Mohan questions Radha about sending Gungun to school given what occurred yesterday, and Tulsi is also concerned that something bad would happen today. Radha informs Mohan that today is Gungun’s competition, and Gungun adds that it is an inter-school tournament. Radha pleads that he let her go since she will feel better if she goes to school. Mohan explains how he will be able to decline her request when she presents so many reasons. Mohan agrees to drop her off at the bus stop but takes her to breakfast. Radha apologises for lying to Mohan, explaining that she is merely attempting to send Gungun away so that she may collect evidence against the real perpetrator in her school. Radha shouts that she knows Damini is the one behind everything.

Damini emerges from hiding, believes Radha can do whatever she wants, but today is the last day of Gungun, Kaveri questions what Damini is planning, she hesitantly exclaims she plans to kill Radha, but Kaveri instructs her not to lie because she is her mother and can tell from her face when she is about to do something, Damini lifts her hand back when Kaveri notices the injury, so Kaveri asks if Tulsi has begun beating her, Damini responds that Kaveri herself stated that they must be quiet for the time being. Kaveri smacks her, shouting that she taught Damini how to lie, and that everytime she has included her mother in any of her plots, it has failed. The criminal delivers sweets to the teachers, which delight and entice the pupils, but the conductor yells that this is not for them, which enrages the teachers; he quickly explains that he has brought the chocolates for them.

Ketki questions Rahul why is he so calm when Gungun was about to die in the fire yesterday, he assures even then nothing happened but Ketki questions if he doesnot remember that it had happened once before when Tulsi Bhabhi tried to oust Damini from this house and it caused a lot of fight between Mohan and Tulsi Bhabhi, she recalls when Tulsi argued with Kadambari and Mohan to oust Damini however Mohan did not listen and one day Tulsi herself left this house after which they found Tulsi Bhabhi died in a fire, Rahul responds that he has told them that Tulsi Bhabhi perished in an accident, but Ketki says that just as Tulsi Bhabhi questioned Damini, Gungun did the same and was saved from burning in the fire; she explains that while Rahul dislikes Mohan, he loves Gungun and will never let her suffer. Tulsi begs Radha to save her daughter from Damini and kick her out of the house.

Gungun lights the Diya, and Mohan prays to Bihari je that she would win the competition tonight because she will sing his song. Radha prays to Bihari je that both father and daughter will always love each other. Damini declares that he should shower Gungun with affection one final time because she is leaving him after today.

Radha notices the Diya is going to burn out, Mohan catches it as well, and Tulsi wonders if this is a terrible sign. Damini shouts that even Bhagwan is giving them a sign of Gungun death. Mohan and Radha put their hands around Diya, which enrages Damini, but Gungun smiles. Tulsi tells Bihari jee that she is also suspicious of Gungun and promises to assist Radha obtain proof against Damini because it now involves her daughter. Damini believes that even Tulsi will be unable to help Gungun because one of them cannot leave the house and the other would never leave.

The bus conductor thinks this bag is valuable because it is worth $5 million. Radha tells Gungun to eat all of her meal and drink the water, but Gungun says it’s too much information and she might forget the lyrics. Tulsi begs them not to let Gungun leave, but she is stopped by the protection.

Damini is staring at both Radha and Mohan when Kaveri arrives, questioning what she is doing. She wonders why Kaveri isn’t furious because Kadambari reprimanded her a lot the day before, and that she should leave. Kaveri responds that she is certain Damini is plotting something, but she does not inform her mother, who is sending her away.

Damini calls the criminal and asks why it is taking so long; he assures her that the package is ready and that he will leave the bus after sending the timer; Damini sees Mohan and Radha arrive at the bus with Gungun and exclaims that Gungun should properly wish Radha because it is the last time she will be able to meet anyone. Damini begins to smile.

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