Radha Mohan 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Gungun hugs Radha, Damini looking in the window thinks she should properly tell Radha goodbye as this is her last bus journey, Kadambari arrives and asks Gungun why she didn’t eat her sweet yoghurt as she wants to win, Radha answers their Gungun would undoubtedly win as she has prepared a lot, Mohan screams she will win just as she returned after dressing up as Rani, the criminal seeing the opportunity goes to take out the bomb in the bus, Gungun exclaims Damini screams that her biggest difficulty will be solved after today, and Rahul, waiting at the entrance, inquires as to what problem she intends to solve.

Mohan shouts that she should ask him since he will undoubtedly come, but Gungun refuses, stating that if he comes, she will forget the song, and that he must be prepared to throw a celebration when she returns with the trophy.

Rahul enters the room and asks what she is talking about because after what occurred at the Haldi function, her largest concern is Gungun. Damini says that he is wrong because their major problem is Rahul who has been attempting to brainwash Gungun and she is simply speaking what Radha tells her. Damini reveals that ever since her wedding was set with Mohan, there have been a lot of problems, including what happened at the function. Damini comments she was just chatting with the Pandit jee about what they can do to get rid of Radha; Rahul asks when she become so religious because he knows she never believed in the pooja; Damini replies it is because of Radha; she believes they should do the same. Rahul agrees that they should both be concerned about Radha and exits the room. Damini exclaims that he is an idiot and that she is only using him to carry out her plan and that if anything goes wrong, she would put him in front of her. Damini approaches to the window, thinking about how she failed to check on the bus, and hears Mohan requesting the teacher to send them a video or make a video call so they can view Gungun’s performance.

Ketki asks Rahul why he is acting as if he doesn’t understand Damini’s true nature, she knows how to turn the tables and is just making a fool of him, Ketki replies she thought he loved Gungun more than his hatred for Mohan, Rahul warns her not to teach him as he is her elder brother, he warns her not to show her face. Ketki responds that he forgot about their relationship because of his friendship with Damini, and she exclaims how she was mistaken before leaving. Damini is standing at the side of the bus as the criminal signals her, and she believes it is Gungun’s last ride. Rahul and Ketki both wish Gungun well, and she wins the tournament. Mohan declares that they will order her favourite meal, pizza with extra cheese and chocolate cake. Ketki offers to take a selfie because Damini worries Gungun will only be visible in the selfie after today.

The teacher becomes upset and rushes to vomit, Damini looks angrily at the criminal as both teachers hurry to puke, Kadambari asks if they are well when Radha comments it could be due to travel but the teachers mention they have been feeling strange ever since they ate the laddo, Mohan wonders what she is talking about, she informs the laddo which the peon gave them. He assures the peon that he too ate it and that there is nothing in the laddo, and the peon shouts that they must bring out all of the children. He tells them to get off the bus, Radha offers to make them lemonade, but the teachers want the medical box that is in the bus, Damini tries to stop her, but she enters without listening to her, Damini is scared that if Radha sees the bomb, her plan would be ruined before it even begins. Kaveri is perplexed as to why Damini is so concerned.

Radha accidentally drops the bag while trying to get the medical box, which stuns the criminal who stands behind her in anger, she is stunned to see him and screams, Mohan asks what happened, which worries Damini because he never leaves her alone and if they recognise him as the one who kidnapped Radha, it will ruin everything. Radha tells that she was startled when she saw him suddenly, and Mohan asks what he was doing. He cautiously replies that he was simply cleaning, so Mohan asks who cleans after the children get off the bus, since he should have done it previously. The driver apologises, stating that it was their error and that they were late getting off the bus; Mohan chastises him, but Radha tells him that he takes excellent care of the students and is usually on schedule; Mohan and Radha agree to go. The criminal believes the elderly man saved his life, but he is unaware that he will also die soon; he kneels again, attempting to repair the explosive as Radha retrieves the medicine kit, The criminal drops the tool while attempting to fix the bomb, leading both Mohan and Radha to suspect him. Mohan begins walking towards him, causing the criminal to stand, and Mohan inquires what he is doing with it. The peon explains that he has a habit of walking with it and was tightening the loose screw. Mohan wonders whether he has lost it because the youngsters should not be permitted to go in such a dilapidated bus, Mohan decides to call the school and request a new bus, but Damini stops him, stressing that the children are already late; the peon assures him that everything is alright in the bus.

Kadambari asks the teacher if she is okay, but the teacher says she cannot go with the students. Gungun wonders how they will get to school without a teacher, but Mohan assures him that he will accompany them to school. Damini, becoming agitated, exclaims that he cannot go with the students, and Mohan inquires about the reason when she informs him that the bride and groom do not leave the house after the Haldi function. Radha wonders who will accompany the youngsters to the competition at the other school. Radha thinks if she should go with Gungun, but she thinks it might be a problem if Damini manages to destroy all of the proofs. The driver assures he would take care of all the children when Radha assures se has complete faith in him but he might not be able to take care of so many children, Gungun asks why does Radha not come with them to the new school as it would be a lot of fun. Damini angrily replies to Radha cannot go with them, Gungun questions what her problem is as neither Mohan nor Radha can go with them, hearing this everyone is tensed so Tulsi wonders what is going on in her mind and why is she stopping everyone. Mohan looks angrily at Damini.

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