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Gungun invites Radha to join them because it would be a lot of fun; Damini responds angrily that Radha cannot join them. Gungun wonders what her problem is because neither Mohan nor Radha can accompany them. Tulsi wonders what is going on in her head because she is against everything, Damini explains there will be a lot of forms to fill out in English so how will she be able to do it, she notices Mohan is furious and explains Radha might get confused, Damini wonders if the person is making a bomb because it is taking so long. When Mohan asks if she is sure, Ketki says she is because there is someone here who does not want to see her face. When Kadambari asks if they have gotten into a fight, Mohan says it is breaking news because both Ketki and Rahul got into a fight. Mohan is stopped by Kadambari.

Radha asks Ketki whether she is confident she will be able to care for all the children; Ketki responds that she will handle everything; Radha wonders if she travels with Gungun if she will be able to obtain evidence against the true perpetrator. When the thief succeeds to detonate the bomb, he alerts Damini, who exclaims that if the youngsters have gotten some fresh air, they can get on the bus. Tulsi asks Gungun not to leave since something is wrong. Radha declares that they will break the coconut because Gungun is going to perform such a good thing. Radha tries to hit the coconut but it doesnot break, Kaveri questions what is she doing, Ajit exclaims Radha must know that the coconut should break in the third attempt otherwise it would be a bad sign, Mohan exclaims she is the daughter of a Pandit and would do it soon, Radha lifts her had when Mohan kneels in front of her placing his hand on the coconut, everyone is stunned while Radha starts staring at him, he signals her to place her hand back when he uses his strength to break the coconut, Radha starts smiling however Damini is furious. When Radha and Mohan come together, Gungun declares that they are always a hit. As the kids are heading to a competition, Mohan spots the school picnic banner on the front of the bus and stops the peon to inquire as to its purpose. The flag was left on the bus, the peon explains, because all the events happen at once. Tulsi asks Radha to halt Gungun because she feels that Gungun shouldn’t travel alone and that there is a problem.

Ketki tells Rahul that they have been friends since elementary school and have never argued, but that when he befriended Damini, they clashed for the first time. She gets on the bus and asks him to think about it. Tulsi tells Radha to stop Gungun as something horrible is about to happen, and she must listen to the sign of Bihari jee. Gungun hugs Radha before entering the bus, and when she turns the dupatta of Radha gest stuck in her bag, Tulsi requests Radha to stop Gungun as something bad is about to happen.

Damini is relieved that Radha is not accompanying Gungun because it is her record that she is able to save Gungun from any trouble. Gungun, however, is unable to remove the dupatta, which bothers Damini, who takes it out and wishes Gungun the best of luck. Radha hears the driver start the bus, but she steps in front of it; Mohan inquires as to what she is doing, and Radha responds that she would also ride with Gungun; everyone is astonished and wonders why. Radha adds that because Ketki is alone, she may not be able to care for so many children; Gungun is pleased, while Damini is enraged. Tulsi shouts that she is relieved Radha realised there was an issue and that she must look after Gungun and herself.

The children are instructed to scream the slogans once Radha sits in the bus. When the peon tries to flee, Mohan stops him and tells him it is his duty to accompany the kids. The peon then clarifies that he only wants to check the tyre pressure. Mohan explains that there is something strange about this person, but Radha assures him that he is at fault. Mohan asks if she is calling him insane, but Radha replies that this is not what she meant and that he has become suspicious of everyone after what happened last night, and she assures him that she will take care of Gungun. Mohan concurs, advising her to take care of herself as well. Mohan shouts that it was not pleasant when Radha begins disputing with him, asking why she would call him mental when he is a genuinely intelligent and good person who is even overweight. Mohan is startled and asks if she is claiming he grew fat when Radha asks why she would want to be punished after calling him fat.

Mohan spots the peon smiling at him and directs him to go inside if everything has ended. Damini urges him to run away, but he is compelled to enter the bus, which contains a bomb. Mohan bids the children who depart in the bus well. Damini asks why Radha has to involve her feet in her every scheme, but she has to adjust her strategy but will win this time, and Mohan wonders who will win. Damini, on the other hand, becomes tense, and yells, “I was saying Gungun will win!” Mohan smiles and walks away.

Damini shouts that if Radha had gone with Gungun, she might have saved her, thus she needs to contact the individual and amend the plan. Damini is taken aback when she sees Kaveri standing in front of her; Kaveri screams that Damini is obviously doing something after the thrashing she received from Kaveri; Damini wonders why she does not see there is nothing going on because she only wants to marry Mohan and would do anything for it.

Tulsi emerges from behind the door, exclaiming that Damini would not do anything after the beating she had yesterday, so she simply prays for Radha and Gungun’s safety, and she considers taking on Radha’s mission of finding proof against Damini.

Damini wonders in her chamber why she attracts such people who constantly seem to derail her plans. As he stepped inside the bus with the bomb, the criminal thinks what if he also dies with the device and is terrified.

Damini believes that if Radha finds out about the explosives, she would tell Mohan, who will then kick her out of his life. Kadambari touches her shoulder, causing her to become shocked.

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