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Radha turns around to view the peon and notices the explosives in the bus. She believes he only claimed to be extremely poor, but she wonders how he can afford a touchscreen phone like Mohan. Before sitting down on the seat, Radha questions why she has the impression that she has seen him somewhere else. Parthap responds that he always gets in trouble because of her, so he is now sitting in a bus with a bomb in it, planning to jump, Damini explains her plan would be ruined, asking if he remembers the girl Radha as she came back even when he buried her alive in the ground and Mohan started beating him, she mentions that if Mohan finds him today, he will not be alive, Parthap asks what he should do now, Damini Radha considers why she believes he is not what he appears to be, and why she has negative thoughts about him. Damini questions why he does not know how to operate a bomb, she explains there is a way in which they can once again use the bomb, Damini starts informing him about it while Radha thinks there is something wrong so for the safety of the children she has to go and talk with the peon. Damini informs the peon who explains he can turn it on again after which no one would be able to turn off the bomb and as soon as the driver reaches the speed over sixty then just as he comes down then the bus would explode. Radha asks Damini what he’s talking about and when the bomb is going to go off as she declares that all of her enemies would perish today.

Kadambari asks Mohan if he thinks it was appropriate for Gungun to refer to Radha as her mother; Mohan responds that no one can be a better mother for Gungun than Radha because she takes care of her; Kadambari asks if Radha also wishes to be her mother; Mohan replies that they cannot ruin Radha’s life for their own sake; and Kadambari recalls when Radha expressed her love for Mohan in her sleep. Tulsi asks her to tell Mohan the truth, but just as Kadambari is about to tell him, Kaveri enters the room, explaining that the Brahman have arrived for the ritual and that she must accompany them while Mohan gets dressed. Mohan inquires as to what she is holding in her hand, to which Kaveri responds that Damini ordered it from an internet store because she is ready to marry and it is her right. Kaveri drags Kadambari outside with her.

Radha asks the peon what bomb he was talking about, and he replies that he was talking to his mother and was informing her about those crackers that burst in the sky. Radha explains that he said he is really poor, so why is he wasting his money on such things as a fire cracker as it is just wasting money, and Damini believes Radha has started lecturing her again. The peon shouts at Radha, telling her to return to her chair. Ketki is suspicious, and Damini tells him not to do anything in anger since she is a smart girl.

While heading to her seat, Radha is thinking about all the peon has said to her; she is standing near Ketki and explains that she does not believe he is the proper person. Kadambari queries Kaveri about what happened and when she started siding with Radha because it may cause a lot of problems. Kadambari responds that she is not making a mistake because Mohan has the right to know the truth that Radha also loves him, after which he has the right to decide whatever he wants and marry whomever he wants. Kadambari warns her that her name is not Kadu but Kadambari, and her daughter has lost her mind, which stuns Kaveri.

When Parthap tells Damini that he is going to kill Radha and the other girl who is with her, Damini tries to calm him down by saying that they are both going to die today so why is he trying to thwart her plan. Ketki then calls the peon and asks why he is not answering her. Parthap then pulls out his knife in a rage. Kadambari informs Kaveri that Damini has lost her mind and that she will not ruin the lives of Mohan, Radha, and Gungun simply because Damini wishes to marry Mohan, as this does not suit anyone. Kadambari explains that she will tell Mohan the entire truth about what Radha feels about him and how Damini threatened her, after which he can do whatever he wants, which worries Kaveri.

Ketki is walking towards Parthap while Damini tries to calm him down, but Radha does not think he is a nice person, so she calls Ketki and tells her that he is correct because they would not set a good example for the children while walking in the bus, and Ketki warns him that her name is Ketki Trivedi. Parthap adds that if she had come here, he would have certainly killed her, but Damini explains that she must focus on the bomb.

Kadambari is about to tell Mohan the truth while Kaveri stops her asking if she wants to make her Grand daughter an orphan, Kaveri explains she has tried to convince her daughter who not only wants to get married with Mohan but is obsessed with him, she would either have him fill her Mang or perform the suicide blaming it all on Mohan, Kaveri explains Gungun still has a mother but if they are not married Damini would make sure Gungun doesnot have a father so who would marry Mohan.

Radha is continually thinking about the strange behaviour when a girl asks Gungun if she is the new mother, to which Radha responds, “No, she is not her mother.” The student adds that Radha is not educated or cool enough to be her mother, and Gungun responds that Radha is both cool and her friend. They both start fighting when the peon scolds them, which enrages Ketki and makes her wonder whether he doesn’t know how to communicate with youngsters. While seated in his seat, Radha observes he is terrified.

Kaveri wonders what she thinks will happen because Damini will die, but Kadambari will lose her entire family, and what will people say if a stepmother damaged her stepson’s family? Tulsi exclaims that Damini loves herself so much that she wouldn’t even hurt herself. Kadambari resolves not to tell Mohan anything, and Kaveri, who is hugging her, feels her plan succeeded. Tulsi says that mothers often give in to their children’s wants, just as she did, and now that Kadambari too loves Mohan, Kaveri begins grinning as she considers what happened.

Radha is seated in the bus, thinking about something when Gungun asks what happened. Radha assures Gungun that nothing has happened, but she is surprised when the peon is not in the seat. She begins coming towards him, wondering where he went. Parthap is attempting to modify the device, and Radha is surprised to see him.

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