RadhaKrishn 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Shankhachur claims that he wants to hear from Radha and the other Gopis that they adore him rather than Krishna, and that he will only release the Gopis if they declare he is more handsome than Krishna. Krishna instructs Radha to speak freely. Devi Gauri expresses her sadness upon hearing this and requests that Radha repeat what Shankachur want to hear. Radha is nervous and unable to talk. Shankachur claims she irritates him. Radha claims that there is no one more gorgeous than Krishna. Shankachur becomes enraged upon hearing this and recalls Shukracharya’s injunction not to let Radha look Krishna in the eyes. He insists on Radha accompanying him. Radha concurs. Krishna wonders if it is required. Radha refuses to utter what Shankachur desires in front of Krishna and goes away with Shankachur.

Krishna sadly returns to the palace. Balram inquires as to whether he brought Gopis. Krishna replies he can’t, and Shankachur takes Radha with him. Revati wonders how he could have let Shankachur take Radha away. Rukmini says she understands Radha’s plight, but she doesn’t understand Krishna’s decision to let Radha go. Balram confronts Krishna, questioning why he purposely allowed Shankachur to take Radha away. Krishna says he didn’t stop Shankachur because Shankachur is wearing a powerful diamond that prevents him from finding Gopis’ whereabouts, thus Radha’s love will allow him to find Shankachur’s position.

Radha is led to Shankachur’s den. Gopis is overjoyed to meet her. Radha asks Shankachur to accompany her to see Gopis. Shankachur gives her permission. Radha embraces Gopis. Shankachur requests that Radha speak what he wants to hear from her. Gopis begged Radha not to do so. Radha believes Shankachur is the most beautiful man in the universe, and that whoever marries him will be the luckiest person in the universe. Shankachur requests that she express her feelings for him. Radha believes he must say so in order to rescue Gopis from Shankachur.

Krishna begins to play the bansuri. Radha imagines him in her mind’s eye and dances around him. Shankachur becomes enraged. Even he hears bansuri sound and inquires if he is the only one who can hear bansuri sound. Radha claims to solely adore Krishna. Shankachur becomes enraged. Gopis says that this is the force of Krishna’s love, and that it is impossible to change them. Shankachur takes off his diamond and instructs Radha to tell him, “I love you.”

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