RadhaKrishn 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Shankhachur employs his crown mani/diamond and requests that Radha repeat what he wishes to hear. Radha hopes Krishna arrives. Shankhachur notices a bansuri sound and wonders where it is coming from. The ground trembles. Krishna believes he intended for Shankhachur to utilise his mani to expose his position. Shankhachur wonders how he got here.Krishna says Shankhachur’s sins brought him here. . Shankhachur employs his mani to harm Krishna. Krishna is unaffected by Mani. Krishna violently trashes him, reminding him of his every transgression before killing him. Shankhachur’s body is discovered in pataal lok in front of Guru Shukracharya. Shukracharya becomes enraged and yells Krishna’s name.

Krishna hugs Radha after their reunion. Gopis expresses an interest in performing raas/dancing with him. Radha expresses a desire to do so as well. Krishna agrees with his friend and declares that both Radha and Krishna shall be praised in this raas. While gopis dance around him, he plays bansuri and dances with Radha. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that she is overjoyed with Radha and Krishna’s reunion and wishes for them to return to Golok soon. Mahadev says it won’t be possible so soon because Shukracharya, Krishna’s main adversary, would strike him down, thus Radha must stay with Krishna in Dwarka to assist him. Shukracharya claims to understand what Mahadev meant; he does not wish to destroy humanity as a whole, but will do it in order to defeat Krishna.

Krishna, Radha, and Gopis return to Dwarka. Revati leads their aarti and expresses gratitude to Krishna for punishing Shankhachur for disrespecting her. Krishna said it was his job to protect his loved ones and that he will continue to do so in the future. Everyone starts chanting his name. Balram then thanks Krishna and explains that while Revati was upset when Shankhachur insulted her, he is now happy. Krishna gives him a hug and tells him he is the best brother in the world. Balram urges him to quit praising him and inquires as to what is going through Radha’s thoughts, whether Radha is considering returning to Golok at this time. Krishna inquires as to what he means. Balram believes Radha left the courtyard when everyone was applauding Krishna, and that Radha is still considering returning to Golok.

Radha imagines herself and Krishna at Golok and wishes they would return soon. Balram insists on Krishna answering him, claiming that Krishna never replied him clearly and that he didn’t question him much. He also wants to know when Krishna will return to Golok, as his existence is incomplete without Krishna’s presence. Balram states that, like Radha, he is vital to him and that his assistance will be most needed in the near future. He wraps a thread around Balram’s thread and tells him that if he ever forgets him, he should look at this thread. Balram wonders what will happen in the future. Rishi Shukracharya yells that he must end the dwaparyug and begin the kalyug.

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