RadhaKrishn 24th October 2022 episode written update

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Kali invites asur Shadripu and informs guru Shukracharya that Shadripu will spread six sins throughout the earth, and once the sins are distributed throughout the world, his boss Kali would arrive and rule over it. Shukracharya promises not to interfere with Sadripu. Sadripu summons Krodhasur. Krodhasur appears and inquires about whom he should influence in the world. Shukracharya promises to notify the influencer.

Radha assists the ladies in retrieving water from the lake, stating that it was formerly difficult for them to do so, but that it is now simpler for them. Devi Gauri thanks Radha for her assistance and says she can now return to Dwarka. Krodhasur enters Dwarka disguised as a businessman. Guards greet him. He examines the major fortifications and concludes that they are weak and easily breached by any opponent. Guards claim it is impossible and that they are safe under the protection of Senapati Balram and King Krishna. Krodhasur claims that he heard their senapati Balram is now too weak to confront Shankhachur, who kidnapped Gopis. He successfully hypnotises a solider who agrees with him. Another soldier cautions him not to speak ill of their senapati. Their fight begins. Krodhasur requests that they cease fighting and allow him to challenge their senapati and prove that Balram is unfit to be a senapati. Guards are dispatched to tell Balram about a businessman’s challenge.

Krodhasur pits women against one another and forces them to fight. Radha approaches Krishna and tells him she went on a world tour and found peace everywhere she went. Krishna inquires about Dwarka’s journey. She declines because Krishna and Balram are here to defend it. Krishna requests that she take a tour before they move to Golok. She agrees and follows him. Krishna says he wants to go to the market first to relive their first meeting. She concurs.

Guards notify Balram that a businessman has challenged him to a fight and that Balram is unfit to be a senapati. Balram becomes enraged and follows him. Before that, Revati feeds him delicious curd. He arrives at the market. Krodhasur provokes Balram, accusing him of being senapati solely because he is Krishna’s brother. Radha questions Krishna on how he can see Balram being degraded. Krishna claims that Balram can manage the problem on his own. Balram cautions Krodhasur to watch his tongue. Krodhasur continues to degrade and accuse Balram. Balram claims he will be executed for his sin.

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