RadhaKrishn 28th October 2022 episode written update

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Krishna believes that if Radha backs him up, Shadripu’s evil will be eradicated from Dwarka. Radha looks for Krishna and confronts Balram. Balram storms out, claiming that Kanha never tells him where he goes or what he does. She next questions Saambh and Rukmini, who are angry with Radha and refuse to reveal any information. Radha is irritated. She observes a lamp flickering and takes care of it. She believes Krishna discussed the same lamp the day before and today abandoned her in the midst of selfish people.

Krishna is a bansuri player. Radha contacts Sambh, Rukmini, and others, claiming to hear Kanha’s bansuri sound. Balram says they haven’t heard anything, but Kanha can phone them personally if he wants. Radha instructs them to close their eyes and pay close attention. They all hear bansuri’s sound and walk away, stating that they do not wish to meet Kanha at this moment. Radha believes that even if others dismiss his bansuri sound, she cannot and runs in its way.

Krishna plays the bansuri. Radha claims to have heard Kanha’s bansuri sound and contacts Sambh, Rukmini, and others. Balram says they haven’t heard anything, but Kanha is welcome to call them directly. Radha instructs them to close their eyes and concentrate. They all walk away when they hear bansuri’s voice, indicating that they do not wish to meet Kanha at this time. Radha believes that, while others may disregard his bansuri sound, she cannot and dashes in its direction.

Radha is at ease. Krishna discloses that she was bitten by Krodhasur’s negativity and that Shadripu has despatched six negativities to ruin Dwarka. They both resume bansuri playing. Shukracharya becomes enraged when he sees Shadripu’s six negativities weakening and orders them to exercise their full capabilities in Dwarka rather than allowing Kanha to release the residents from the negativities. Balram hears a bansuri sound and informs Revati that Kanha has called them. Dwarka as a whole joins them and heads towards Radha Krishna. Shadripu’s negativity attacks everyone. They leave seething.Radha warns Krishna that if they don’t stop, they won’t be able to rid themselves from Shadripu’s negativity. Krishna declares that they will be free of Shadripu’s faults till the bansuri music reaches them and instructs Radha to play the bansuri as he tells a narrative. Radha is a bansuri player. Everyone returns. Krishna promises to tell them a narrative about the significance of Deepavali. Sri Ram’s narrative begins with him.

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