RadhaKrishn 31st October 2022 episode written update

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Krishna examines the Mahabharath scripture and recalls Rishi Vedyas giving him the scipture and seeking his opinion after pouring all of his knowledge into it. Radha approaches Krishna and inquires about Rishi Vedvyas and Rishi Garg’s visit. Rishi Vedvyas enters, apologises to Krishna for disturbing him, and asks him to explain his thoughts on the matter. Krishna claims that something is missing. Rishi Vedvyas recalls all the chapters he composed and mentions that the chapter on devotion is missing. He praises Krishna for his assistance and departs.

Radha wonders what will happen to their love story. Krishna claims that their love tale will live for forever. Radha wonders if Rishi Vedvyas will write another scripture and what it will be called. Krishna beams. The next morning, Krishna declares in the courtyard that rishi Vedvyas will create a scripture called Srimadh Bhagvatam. Rishi Vedvyas gladly accepts and explains what he will write. Krishna then says that Rishi Garg would compose a scripture called Garg Sanhita that will describe Radha Krishna’s love story. Rishi Garg refuses to write it because he hasn’t seen their love story with his own eyes.

Mahadev informs Devi Gauri that Rishi Garg has no idea what he is rejecting. Devi Gauri claims that it is not Krishna leela, but rather someone else’s. Radha approaches Rishi Garg and expresses gratitude for refusing to compose Radha Krishna’s love story. Rishi Garg claims she made him commit a sin by turning down Krishna’s request. Radha assures him not to worry and thanks him once more. Krishna hears them and declares that he knew it was Radha’s plan all along. Radha reminds him of his earlier statements, that they can experience a lifetime of love in a few seconds.

Radha meets Krishna at Golok’s door and says she wants to relive the moment they first met and tell their love tale. He concurs. She thinks he should obey her because she is his elder. Krishna concurs. They both confess their feelings for one another. Mahadev considers himself fortunate to have witnessed Radha Krishna’s love tale from the beginning through rishi Garg’s scripture. Radha Krishna pays a visit to Rishi Garg in order to help him compose their love story. Rishi Garg considers himself fortunate to have heard their love tale. Radha Krishna claims that Balram will play a role in their love tale. Balram is overjoyed. Rishi Garg requests that Krishna write the first letter of the scripture. On the first page of Garg Sanhita, Krishna writes his and Radha’s names. They then tell their love story, in which Radha first sees Krishna creating mischief in the market and falls in love with him. She is eager to meet him. They each explain one other’s attributes that they admire and hope to meet soon.

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