Rajjo 16th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Madhu saying, “I am not Rajjo’s Saas.” Jhilmil claims I’ll torture her mercilessly. Chirag wonders how you can think of torturing her. Urvashi claims that you will never be able to expose my truth that I am after Arjun’s property. Rajjo chastises her. Arjun overhears the family debating Rajjo. Madhu says, “I decide everything in this house; don’t fall to that girl’s level; let her stay here as a useless thing for a few months.” She becomes enraged when she sees Rajjo approaching. She inquires as to what you desire. Arjun, says Rajjo.

Urvashi claims you have no family and have no values. Rajjo says I need to say something important. Madhu prompts her. Rajjo says I need to speak with Arjun privately. Arjun asks, “What do you want to say?” You can’t stay with me, don’t dare to enter my room, and I’m not going to do what you want. Rajjo says that when we used to play a game in the village, we would first decide on the rules; similarly, we will decide on the rules of this game. She hands him a piece of paper and a pen. Don’t worry, she says, I’ll return the pen, I won’t steal anything, and we’ll make our own rules. He calls it a contract. She claims that we will establish ground rules before our relationship deteriorates. I’ll do it later, he says. She says, “Fine, I’m going to bed now.” That’s not your room, he says. She claims that it is her room. She lights the diyas and sits crying, remembering Arjun. She calls Kaka and inquires about Maai’s health. He says Mannu didn’t wake up, don’t worry, I’m with her, but you’d be alone there, and he doesn’t know how they’re treating you. She claims Mannu instructed her to fight and do the right thing, that she will save Arjun from Urvashi, and that she will not lose.

Kalindi arrives to meet Urvashi. She feels sorry for Urvashi. Urvashi scolds her and declares, “I will tell everyone your truth; I have no secrets now.” I believe Kalindi when she says you felt bad. Urvashi advises against blindly trusting anyone. Kalindi departs. Arjun and Rajjo make the rules. She insists that you first listen to her.

Arjun says, “I will read the terms, you will not publicise this marriage anywhere, you are nothing to me, and I am nothing to you.” Rajjo says I concur. He claims that my room is private and that you will not enter it. She concurs. He says, “I want my personal space; don’t bother me.” She claims I will not roam. He claims you will leave quietly, with no rights to me, my family, or my property. I agree, she says. He claims you will not attempt to obstruct my family. She claims I agreed to all of the terms without hearing them. Arjun requests that she read her terms. He says he will consider all of your requests. She didn’t include any conditions. She says I only have one condition: Urvashi must leave the house. They are all taken aback. Madhu wonders how you can maintain such a condition when Urvashi is a member of the family. Rajjo responds that if you don’t agree to my one condition, I won’t accept any of yours. The paper is torn by her. Arjun becomes enraged and asks, “How dare you?”

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