Rajjo 17th October 2022 episode written update

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Chirag begins the episode by telling Arjun to calm down. Jhilmil finds it strange that the bride and Sautan are living together. Kalindi comes to a halt. Urvashi believes they are considering sending me away. Kalindi beams. Arjun says I will not bend down; Rajjo, not Urvashi, must leave. Pushkar returns home. Bunty informs me that there is exciting news: Rajjo has returned to Thakur Nivas, and Kalindi has called me. Pushkar is concerned and says Mannu threatened her; did she tell the truth to Rajjo; what does Rajjo want to do; did she go to tell my truth to Thakurs; I need to find out because they both bother me. Urvashi becomes enraged and declares, “Rajijo wants me to leave.” She beautifies Arjun’s room. Rajjo arrives and requests that she leave. She tells me not to come to my and my husband’s room the next time. Arjun appears and observes. Urvashi departs. Arjun stumbles and falls. Rajjo falls beside him as well. Mana ke hum yaar nahi….plays…. They’ve locked eyes.

She is asked to leave the room by Arjun. She claims that if you had agreed to one of my conditions, I would have agreed to you. Arjun requests that she leave. She refuses and remains seated. He says I’m not going to stay because I’m still paying for my mistake. He goes outside to sleep. He is chilled. She wraps the quilt around him. She looks after him. She, too, sits and sleeps. Arjun wakes up in the morning and says, “I had a good sleep.” Madhu appears and inquires as to why you were sleeping on the balcony. He claims Rajjo has taken my room, bed, and cupboard, so I came here to sleep and had a good night’s sleep. She claims it’s a large house with many rooms where you could have slept. Although he says yes, Rajjo would have followed me. She wants to know where Rajjo is because she is causing you a lot of trouble. He searches the room for Rajjo. He thinks it’s a good thing she’s not here. She wonders how we will get rid of her, where she went, perhaps she went to spend the money and enjoy herself. He receives a call from Shekhar. Tell him you won’t be able to make it. Shekhar apologises for not being able to attend your wedding; however, we will meet you now at your home, Harish and I are coming, and we will have breakfast prepared by Bhabhi. Arjun is concerned. Madhu inquires as to what transpired. He claims that my friends are coming to meet their Bhabhi, that they are nice, that they don’t know anything, and that I don’t want to tell them about Rajjo.

Rajjo approaches Mannu and shows him the flowers. Kaka and Rajjo inquire of the doctor when Mannu will become conscious. Doctor says I’m not allowed to say that. Pushkar remarks, “Mannu is in a coma; I’m safe right now, but I have to be alert.” Doctor says, “I understand your situation; you decide how you will handle it.” Kaka claims I have a job, but how will we pay the medical bills? Rajjo says we’ll try; now it’s my turn to struggle. Madhu claims that we will never grant her the bahu status. Arjun affirms. The family confers. Madhu disagrees with Jhilmil. Madhu is advised by Kartik not to take Jhilmil’s words seriously. In front of Arjun’s friends, Urvashi declares, “I’m ready to become his wife.”

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