Rajjo 18th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Madhu saying, “No problem, you two will become a couple until your friends return.” Kartik and Jhilmil crack a joke. Chirag asks Arjun if he likes the idea. Madhu inquires. Arjun claims it is yet another lie. She responds, “No, you and Urvashi will be husband and wife soon; I’m taking Urvashi to prepare her; I’m going to give her sindoor and mangalsutra; let Rajjo think about stealing money from us.” Rajjo requests a job in order to cover Mannu’s medical expenses. The man says, “I understand,” but I only have a delivery job opening; can you do this as a girl? She claims that I can run faster. He claims that this job requires hard work, that people become angry if you delay, and that I cannot bear loss. No, she says, I’m a labourer, give me a chance, I’ll do the work, and I promise not to let your customers complain. He says fine, just one chance, be there on time tomorrow. She threatens to fire me if I am late for work. She expresses gratitude to him.

Arjun runs into Shekhar and Harish. They make fun of him and wonder where Bhabhi is. Urvashi approaches and smiles. Rajjo approaches from behind. Chirag tells Arjun that whatever is true is correct. Shekhar congratulates Urvashi and hands her the bouquet. He says they last met when you were Arjun’s girlfriend, and he wishes you a happy marriage. Urvashi smiles and asks what special dish they will have. Shekhar claims we were just playing a joke on him. Madhu suggests that you eat breakfast. Pratap affirms.

Harish advises them to request tea from the maid. Arjun notices Rajjo. Madhu asks Urvashi to sit with Arjun while the maid does the work. Harish requests that Rajjo get some sweets as well; why isn’t she listening to us? Madhu claims that this is her problem. She directs Rajjo to go get the breakfast. Rajjo looks at Arjun and walks away.

Swara assists Rajjo. She claims that we always have this dessert on hand. She displays the dessert. Rajjo expresses gratitude. Swara claims I’m doing it for the sake of the house. Rajjo claims you’re misinterpreting him. Swara says I used to like you, Mukund says I don’t know people, and he’s right; forget it. She microwaves the sweet dish. She brews the tea. Rajjo observes and takes notes. Swara explains her position. Rajjo claims that they asked the maid to bring the food. She accepts the tray.

Kartik claims that you both made me laugh a lot. Rajjo receives the food. Madhu requests that she serve it. Arjun feels bad and requests that his friends serve themselves. Chirag says, “Not bad, guys, help yourselves.” Shekhar claims Arjun makes us work a lot. Harish requests Urvashi’s help in exacting his revenge. Sure, she says. Rajjo believes that even in anger, a good person’s goodness does not turn evil. They all take selfies. Kalindi believes I’m meeting a new Urvashi. Pushkar notices Kaka leaving the ward. He walks in and threatens her with Rajjo. He claims that I don’t have a habit to break, that I don’t think of Rajjo, that I don’t think of anyone. He takes off his oxygen mask. He replaces it and says, “Congratulations on slowly dying every day.” He walks away. Kaka notices him and asks who he is.

Madhu claims that we are happy, but Rajjo is upset because we revealed her status to her. Arjun informs me that I must attend a meeting. She says fine, but don’t break my word; I don’t like Rajjo. She asks Rajjo if she felt bad that she was planning to rule and ended up becoming a maid. Rajjo is chastised by her. Rajjo is aware of the taunts. Madhu asks Jhilmil to check the silver spoons because Rajjo could steal them. Jhilmil nods, her face tense. Madhu inquires as to what else she can do. Rajjo is insulted by her. Rajjo claims that you are not misinterpreting me, but that you are mistaking the wrong for the right. She notices Urvashi.

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