Rajjo 19th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Madhu mocking Rajjo. Rajjo claims that it is a difference in perception, that your brain works slowly, but it works, so you will know the truth, that I eat food with clay utensils, and that fragrance will never come in silver or gold utensils. Jhilmil describes her as sharp. Rajjo declares, “I will not sit quietly; my mother instructed me to speak up for what is right; I will always do so; I will expose Urvashi’s truth, as you can see.”

Urvashi acts and claims that she always breaks my heart. Madhu claims she didn’t respect me either. Arjun goes and confronts Rajjo. He says I’m willing to give you any amount you want, including my house, car, and assets; you’re saying you’ll save me, and you believe I need your assistance. She says, “Why not?” They are at odds. He simply requests that she leave. She says, “I’ll just do what I’ve come here for, you need my help, I’m not going to listen to you, you stopped my marriage right, I came to save you from Urvashi.” He says, “All right, fine, you can be the maid if you want, come with me.” He seizes her. She requests that he leave her alone.┬áHe rings the bell. He introduces everyone to Rajjo, the new maid who will do whatever we say. He invites Rajjo to run if she so desires. Madhu rattles off a long list of tasks before ringing the bell. Rajjo is asked to begin. Rajjo cleans the dishes. She also does the housework. She cleans the floor. Jhilmil and everyone else bother her and smile. Rajjo does not pause and continues to work.

She visits a car wash. Arjun is sitting in the car. When she splashes water on the car, he is taken aback. She notices the time. She believes I need to see my mother. She bolts. Arjun observes. He inquires as to what she is doing. Rajjo believes I cannot afford to waste money on transportation every day. She bolts for the hospital. Rajjo, says Kaka. She inquires as to how her mother is doing. Yes, he says, and how are you? She says it’s fine because I climbed the hospital stairs. He claims you used to be able to climb mountains without tiring; are you kidding me? Didn’t your inlaws send you in a car to see your mother? She says no, I have to run and practise, and I haven’t told anyone about my mother. She sobs as she holds Mannu’s hand. Kaka invites her to join him. Madhu rings the doorbell and inquires about the whereabouts of the new maid. Jhilmil speculates that she may have fled. Rajjo and Kaka notice Pushkar speaking with the doctor. Kaka claims he came to meet your mother. Rajjo observes. She wonders how he knew my mother was here; even Arjun is unaware. He walks away. She wonders why Pushkar came to see her mother. Rajjo returns home. Everyone refers to her as a problem bell. Madhu inquires as to your whereabouts. Rajjo claims that I had some work. Madhu inquires, “Who will do the work here, your mother?” Rajjo says, “Don’t tell her anything; just tell me that I completed all of the tasks on the list; check it.”

Mukund, your shoes are unclean, says Madhu. Yes, Jhilmil says, give your shoes to Rajjo and she will clean them. Rajjo sits and cleans his shoes. Pratap and Kartik both donate their shoes. Madhu requests that Chirag return his shoes. Chirag responds, “No need, I’m wearing slippers.” He leaves. Pushkar appears and informs me that I require shoe polish. He chastises Rajjo. He says, “I really like this.” Chirag approaches Arjun and asks, “What are you doing?” He has seen what is going on with Rajjo, and the family is torturing her. Arjun wonders how she can do this with my family. Chirag says, “You were never one to seek vengeance; remember my words; I can see you are in pain; you are wrong; think about it if you have time.” He leaves.

Rajjo claims that someone saw your face at the hospital, so why did you go to see my mother? Pushkar asks, “How do you know?” You don’t know anything, I’m the trustee of that hospital, I went into everyone’s room to see the patients, I didn’t realise your mother was also there, what happened to her. She claims she was hit by a car. He claims that this is the problem with people who walk on the road. She says, “I don’t know, I’ve only seen one thing.”

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