Rajjo 20th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Rajjo saying, “I saw the black car,” but police say there are many of them in the city. Pushkar says you won’t know anything. She says I’ll know when the Lord hits that man and punishes him; I won’t spare him, and mum will wake up soon and tell me who he is. While doing some work, Rajjo falls into Arjun’s lap. They’ve locked eyes. Urvashi arrives. She becomes enraged. Arjun motions for Rajjo to rise. Urvashi inquires as to what Rajjo was doing in your room. Rajjo makes fun of her. Arjun claims it was an accident; I was doing my work when she tripped over me. Urvashi says it’s fine, I trust you completely, which I can’t say about this girl. Arjun requests that Rajjo accompany him. Rajjo responds, “No, I got tired.” She takes a break. He claims you will not enter my room. Rajjo pretends to snore. Arjun departs. Rajjo claims that it is his room and that he will not leave.

Swara is asked for flax seeds by Kalindi. Swara receives the box. She says Madhu is in a lot of pain, and you should support her like Chirag supported Arjun and his family. Kalindi says I can stand, but Madhu tells me to sit quietly. Swara says that even if you try, as the bahu of the house, she will consider your rights. Jhilmil observes. Swara, she claims, is a moron. Swara leaves. Kalindi thanks Swara for the idea; I don’t get along with Urvashi, so I need to do something. Urvashi and Rajjo disagree.

Rajjo reprimands her. Urvashi gives her a slap. She says, “I’m after Arjun now, I’ll be after him, I’ll become his wife and do everything as planned, if you come in between, then destruction will come,” and she promises to show a sample tonight. She walks away. Kalindi arrives. She claims that some women are cunning and have dual personalities; I would never have known this if it hadn’t been for you accusing her and learning that she is deceptive; you are innocent; no one will listen to me; Urvashi is Madhu’s favourite. Rajjo inquires as to why you are saying this to him. Kalindi says, “I’ll get right to the point: I don’t like you and Urvashi; I just worry about this family; we can stand together against Urvashi and expose her lies.” She extends her hand. Rajjo wonders how he can trust her.

Urvashi inquires as to why you want to join forces with me and what animosity you have with Rajjo. Pushkar says, “I love Kalindi a lot, and Rajjo doesn’t have the same rights as her, so I want to throw Rajjo out of the house; we have the same enemy and the same motive, and we will fight together.” Urvashi extends her hand to shake his. Rajjo takes Kalindi’s hand in his. There is no such thing as a perfect crime, says┬áKalindi; if you provoke Urvashi, she will make a mistake, as she just did when she slapped you today. Rajjo claims I enraged her. Kalindi says, “I heard it,” and that if you do this, she will be apprehended soon. Jhilmil confronts Mukund and chastises him. Mukund claims that when he asked Arjun to take me into business, he refused. She instructs him to beg Arjun if necessary.

Arjun says I’ll sleep well today. He goes outside when he hears Urvashi screaming. Urvashi is knocked down. Rajjo cracks a joke. Urvashi said I was coming to see you, but I had no idea Rajjo would be here. Arjun inquires of Rajjo, “Why are you at the door?” Rajjo says I was protecting you, so I was lying here at the door, no evil can cross this Laxman Rekha. Arjun says, “Enough, I’m going insane.” Urvashi departs. Arjun closes the door. Rajjo stands guard.

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