Rajjo 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Arjun begins the episode by requesting Rajjo to go somewhere else and sleep. He says he wants us to get closer. She apologises and says, “I won’t move from here; I’ll guard you.” Bandeya…plays.. She collapses. Urvashi’s mother calls and requests money for the moneylenders. She advises focusing on money rather than Arjun. Urvashi says, “Enough, don’t bother me.” Her mother says I’ll send them to Thakur Nivas; you explain, Arjun. Urvashi apologises and adds, “Please don’t do this.” Her mother requests that she exhibit her true colours on Karwachauth, Arjun, and his property should be on their side. Urvashi informs me that Rajjo is on his way. Her mother requests that she push Rajjo out of the path. She tells her, “Do whatever you want and win everything; I’m proud of you.” Urvashi becomes enraged.

Arjun notices Rajjo has left and claims she was discussing significant matters when she left. Madhu claims that I had frequent dreams about Arjun’s wife. Rajjo is there, says Kalindi. Urvashi approaches and greets. Madhu claims that you will become my bahu. Urvashi suggests that I fast for Arjun. Madhu blesses Urvashi before feeding her. Rajjo watches and wonders what is going on. Take all of this inside, Madhu adds, and we’ll have Sargi rasam. Rajjo insists that I save Arjun from Urvashi.

She notices Madhu doing rituals with Urvashi. She follows the same routine. She informs me that I must now perform work for my mother. She runs with the packages on her shoulders. A coach notices her running quickly. Kar har maidan fateh…. He stops her and says, “Don’t get me wrong, I saw your speed, you are special, you look like an athlete, I will come to the point, you should choose running as your profession, save my card, there is a huge sports academy here, go and give your name.” She claims I don’t have any money. He claims you’ll find sponsors there. She says I have a lot of duties and that I don’t have time. She walks away. Arjun will arrive shortly. He notices Rajjo receiving money from someone. Arjun wonders what that was. Rajjo describes his first profits on his own.

Arjun claims she only wants money. The man says you’ve done a great job and to keep up the good work. Arjun becomes enraged. He claims she does the reverse of what she says, so I’m keeping an eye on her because she’s so selfish and devious. Urvashi is on the phone with Pushkar. He requests that she speak with Badru. He claims that we would cause the pole to collapse on Rajjo and kill her. She thinks your plan is brilliant but dangerous. She takes action.

Do this task by yourself, she advises. He continues, “Don’t act smart; we’re now partners in crime; you can’t step back, understood; just do what I say.” Sure, she says. He refers to her as stupid. She describes him as crafty. Pushkar approaches Mannu and says, “I fell for your innocent face, but now I want to kill you, but I can’t kill you because I’m the trustee of this hospital.” When he sees Rajjo approaching, he wonders, “Did she have to come at this time?” She enters the ward and sees Mannu. She notices the shoes and asks, “Whose shoes are these?” Pushkar is concerned.

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