Rajjo 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Rajjo informing Mannu of his new employment. She says running isn’t so awful because you received a medal and I got a job, and I can now pay your medical bills. Pushkar notices her. Urvashi walks out and inquires, “Are you Badru?” Yes, he says. The moneylenders arrive. She inquires as to why you have come here. Madhu arrives. Rajjo claims that a man complimented his running and invited him to join the Lucknow Sports Academy; are you listening? Talk to me, open your eyes. Pushkar gestures with his hand. Rajjo looks around and notices the shoes. She inquires as to whose shoes these are. Urvashi claims those are my Mama jis, and they surprised me. Rajjo visits Pushkar and raises the curtain. The machine emits a beep. Rajjo looks around. He walks away, leaving the shoes behind. He thinks Rajjo saw my shoes, so I had to leave them there. Rajjo claims that he seen these shoes somewhere. Pushkar comes to mind.

She questions how Pushkar’s shoes got here and why he came back. Pushkar is sitting in the car. He claims that I will murder Rajjo tonight. Rajjo says he can’t come to see patients every day; I need to find out what’s going on. Urvashi offers the men tea. Arjun smiles and walks away. Madhu and Jhilmil are sitting and talking. Madhu claims you did not force Arjun to meet your uncles. Urvashi replies she will inform him later. Arjun inquires if everything is in order. Chirag answers sure, but Rajjo isn’t at home. Arjun responds, “Fine.”

Madhu says you never told us about your uncles. Jhilmil confirms, but Suganda does not. Madhu inquires as to why. Jhilmil cracks jokes. Urvashi deceives them. I don’t want people to say anything negative about Arjun and Rajjo’s relationship, she says. Madhu expresses his regret to them. Urvashi, she says, will be our bahu shortly. The man claims that we are also looking forward to that day. Arjun inquires about Rajjo’s whereabouts. Rajjo returns home. Madhu requests that Urvashi accompany them to the guest room. Rajjo notices the man and recognises him. She claims Urvashi has her phoney uncle and that she can do anything. Madhu says it’s Karwachauth today, and we need to rest. Who will do the work? Rajjo says I’ll do the task, so I went to the dump. Arjun suspects she’s lying again. Madhu invites her to accompany him. Rajjo approaches Kalindi and informs her that Urvashi has returned home with her relatives, who are money lenders. Kalindi advises us to keep an eye on them.

The man claims Madhu informed him that Arjun might refuse the marriage. No, Urvashi responds, Arjun will finish my Karwachauth fast today, and he accepted me as his wife. Rajjo tries to listen in on their conversation. Urvashi begs them to be patient. Arjun turns to face Rajjo. He asks what she wants. Chirag tells Rajjo to go rest. Rajjo expresses gratitude to him. She claims that she has learned some English and that you are the first person to address me by name; everyone else has forgotten my name. He leaves. Urvashi claims that everyone is inviting me to play housie. When Rajjo hears this, he asks Chirag what’s up. Chirag explains the game to her. She claims she saw that game at the fair. He takes a phone call. Urvashi, according to Rajjo, wants to play her game and loot Arjun. She receives a phone call and inquires about her mother’s well-being. Kaka says okay, but we need medicines and I don’t have any money. She responds, “Don’t worry, take the loan; I’ll have the money tomorrow.” He says, “Do something, I’m concerned.” Arjun overhears her say, “I’ll get money tomorrow.” She walks away.

He applauds and taunts her. He continues, “I saw you take money from someone, anyone may misunderstand, you called Urvashi greedy, you were talking on the phone, you would get money anyhow, where will you loot, my house, tell me how much you will ruin me.”

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