Rajjo 23rd October 2022 episode written update

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Arjun and Rajjo argue at the beginning of the episode. He claims you came to spy on Urvashi. Yes, she says, you were also spying on me. He says Urvashi fasted for Karwachauth, so don’t bother her. She claims she is not blameless. He chastises her. He hands her money. He claims that he has never misbehaved or mistreated any female, that he is not the type to offend anyone, that he has changed because of your favour, and that he promises to get you out soon and get my family rid of you. Paas aaye…plays… She recalls their interactions. He notices her and walks away. She hands the money to the maid and tells her to pray for Arjun.

Pankhudi claims that all of the ladies will rest today. Everyone takes a seat. Urvashi appears and tells them a fib about her uncles. Chirag suggests to tell him if you’re dizzy and he’ll help. Kalindi claims that she has kept the fast for your long life. He says, “Why are you doing this?” He advises, “Leave it, don’t do it.” Arjun arrives. He notices Rajjo approaching with food bags. He calls himself a joker. He claims that you are aware that things can fall down. They are at odds. Urvashi invites Arjun to join her. Mukund predicts that Swara and I will win the game. They take a seat. When Rajjo sees Urvashi, he becomes enraged.

Rajjo overhears the men discussing how much money they want. Mukund declares, “I will make you win today because I love you.” Mukund believes I must make Swara the best bahu and demonstrate my devotion for her. Pankhudi discusses a game in which you answer questions about your spouse by writing them down. Madhu directs Rajjo to go grab pens and papers. Pratap wishes Arjun the best of luck. Madhu believes Urvashi and Arjun will triumph because they are well acquainted. Pankhudi instructs them to jot down their partner’s favourite dish and other interests. They are all writers. She says we’ll find out what they say. Madhu reads the responses.

Arjun thinks your love is adorable. Madhu wishes your and Urvashi’s love was as adorable. Pratap tells Madhu his favourite stories. Everyone applauds. Jhilmil provides the answers. Kartik believes it is incorrect. Mukund and Swara provide their responses. They claim that Mukund’s answers are incorrect. Pankhudi claims you were disqualified. Chirag and Kalindi demonstrate their papers. He claims I know nothing. Madhu inquires about Arjun’s and Urvashi’s turns. She compliments their jodi.

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