Rajjo 25th October 2022 episode written update

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Arjun begins the episode by urging Urvashi to relax and apologising for Rajjo’s statements. She says, “I will bear everything for your sake, I will go, I am really weak.” She leaves. Arjun becomes enraged with Rajjo. She puts away the utensils and walks away. Kalindi responds, “Congratulations on your win; I earned a lot of money.” Rajjo expresses his congratulations. Kalindi says Urvashi doesn’t doubt that we are together. Rajjo claims she will not lose. Kalindi requests that she keep the Rs.2000. Rajjo rejects. Kalindi insists and asks her to retain it. Arjun observes her and concludes that she is always taking money. Rajjo returns the money, stating, “I can’t accept charity; I would have accepted if it was a blessing; I just wanted the money to stay out of the wrong hands.” She walks away. Urvashi discusses Rajjo with the males.

They demand their money. They warn her and leave. Urvashi claims Kalindi stole the money; is she with Rajjo? No, I know her secret. Rocky is holding Kalindi. She begs him to leave her; they can’t be irresponsible; if they’re detected, he’ll be forced out, and what about his dreams? She walks away. She approaches Pushkar and embraces her. He congratulates and blesses her. Madhu inquires about Kavita. Jhilmil cracks jokes. He adds Kavita called her Maayka, and we’ll call Karwachauth. Arjun describes him as romantic.

Urvashi’s relatives are introduced by Madhu. Everyone tells Pushkar to stay put. He agrees and says function will have a good time. Rajjo gets him some water and notices his shoes. She believes he is wearing his shoes, which suggests he was not wearing them in the hospital. Pushkar has left. Urvashi is following him. He inquires if you have done anything. She claims I didn’t locate an opportunity. He adds my attendant has departed, and you can now view the moon and count stars. He leaves. The man requests money. She claims that all I desire is money. Madhu procures a pricey kalash and explains the traditions to her. She says she’ll give you the kalash after the fast. Urvashi beams. Madhu departs. Urvashi says I’ll pay the money lenders, and Pushkar will deal with Rajjo.

Rajjo is experiencing fatigue while at work. She claims that this has never happened before. Arjun arrives. He mocks her. He claims you are always in need of money since you do not have fresh clothes or makeup. She chuckles. He asks her to stop talking and grips her face. She pushes him and asks, “Why should I be quiet? Who are you to stop me?”

She scolds him for always following her. She says you’ve made me exceptional; what happened to you, and did you consider me your true wife on Karwachauth? He wants her to stop talking. Madhu requests that she go get the sheets. He delegated the task to Rajjo. He insults her and tosses the sheet on her. Pushkar commands a man to cut the pole. The man claims that this pole will collapse. Pushkar claims that this is not an insult. He provides the nails. He claims that all you have to do is punch these nails into the pole. He says Rajjo will see how I force her to wear this thorn crown today. He notices the nails. He claims that I won’t take long to damage you and that the plan will work if you come here.

Madhu approaches Arjun. She says, “I know I placed you in a bind; you love Urvashi but can’t make her your wife.” He claims that my mind isn’t working. She says, “Share your thoughts with me.” He assures you that you need not be concerned. She continues, “I know you’re hungry and fasted for Urvashi, and I know when I kept the Karwachauth fast, you were 10 years old, and you claimed it’s inappropriate for women to keep this fast.” He responds, “I had no idea dad also kept the fast for you.” Yes, she argues, one-sided love is insane, that girl…. He says Arjun is returning; just talk about me, not that chick. She replies, “Fine.”

Rajjo notices Arjun on the channi and remarks, “If this were mine, I would have adorned it, but I can’t carry it with me.” She adorns the channi. Pushkar appears and says, “My watch dropped on the terrace; it’s expensive; go retrieve it before someone steals it.” Sia requests that Rajjo prepare her a strawberry milkshake. Okay, says Rajjo. Let Pushkar go because she claims she doesn’t know Strawberry. Rajjo says, “I saw Swara make it; I need to go find the watch.” Sia predicts that you will not locate it. Pushkar confirms, “I know, it’s upstairs.” Sia instructs him to go get it. He believes my family is undermining my plan.

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