Rajjo 29th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Jhilmil complaining about the moon and requesting that the clouds be removed. Arjun notices Madhu. Kartik requests that Jhilmil take command. He makes fun of her. Pushkar believes their puja should complete quickly so that I can begin my work. Madhu notices Rajjo. While on the phone, Kalindi walks towards the nail pole. Pushkar notices this and becomes concerned. He goes to Kalindi’s aid. He warns her to be cautious. Kalindi inquires as to what transpired. Jhilmil inquires as to why you are shouting. Pushkar says nothing, but I thought I spotted a snake there. Jhilmil advises running. He claims it was only a rope.

Madhu says, “I see you tense for the first time.” Jhilmil claims that Pushkar adores Kalindi and will kill anyone for her sake. Kartik claims that the snake would have been killed. Kalindi says, “I love you, Dad; you’re the finest.” Jhilmil claims that the moon has arrived. Mukund requests water since he is tired of standing. Kartik motions for him to have a seat. Pushkar believes I saw Urvashi’s face and that this is a bad omen. Madhu requests that Rajjo retrieve plates from the cupboard. Rajjo enters the storeroom. The door is shut. She wonders how this became locked.

She cries out for assistance. She hears the song Aaja re aaja chanda… Rajjo claims she can no longer hear me. Jhilmil claims, “I locked Rajjo inside; now she can’t do anything; I told the kids to turn up the music; no one can hear Rajjo shouting now.” Madhu thinks Arjun and Urvashi will be able to complete their fast successfully. Madhu says Rajjo thinks I won’t comprehend what she’s doing; she considered fasting for Karwachauth; I won’t allow Arjun feed her water. Rajjo yells for assistance. Everyone is conversing. Arjun inquires, “Where is the moon?” I will walk to that side and investigate. He walks up to the pole. Rajjo claims that everyone has seen the moon by now, and if I don’t have the water in Arjun’s palm, my fast will be broken. She notices Arjun. Ek dil hai….plays…. She notices the structure collapsing over Arjun.

Rajjo exclaims, “No!” Arjun sees the fire and runs. Everyone is taken aback. Someone save him, put out the fire, save him, yells Rajjo. Everyone is concerned about Arjun. He becomes engulfed in flames. Someone placed the water, cries Pushkar. Rajjo assures you that nothing will happen to you. She is injured. The men are signed by Urvashi. Everyone, even Madhu, is in tears. Urvashi performs an act and tells Arjun, “I will jump inside the fire for you.” The men intervene and stop her. Urvashi says, “Leave me alone.” She begs them not to abandon her. Pratap invites Arjun to join him. Urvashi says, “No one came to stop me, but they saw I was ready to leap in the fire for Arjun, therefore I will start my actual task now.” Rajjo says, “Don’t be afraid, I’m coming.” She grabs a pot and smashes the window. She leaps out the window. She dashes over to Arjun.

Urvashi hands the men the kalash. Rajjo dashes between them. The pot lands close to Arjun. Rajjo calls out to Chirag and asks him to grab him some water. She wraps herself in the blanket. Chirag splatters water on her. She dashes into the flaming pit. She wraps the blanket around Arjun. Pratap orders Chirag to put water on the fire and extinguish it. Arjun notices Rajjo. She thanks you and assures you that you are safe. Urvashi and everyone are staring at them. Rajjo passes out. Arjun has her in his arms. Madhu says to leave her alone; she’ll be fine. Chirag remarks, “It’s strange, Rajjo risked her life for a relationship that no one in our family accepts; she leaped in the flames whereas Urvashi didn’t move an inch from her place.” Arjun takes the kalash and gives Rajjo water. Rajjo opens his eyes and notices Arjun. Arjun lifts Rajjo and carries her away. Madhu becomes enraged.

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