Rajjo 30th October 2022 episode written update

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Arjun leads Rajjo to the storage room at the beginning of the episode. Urvashi requests that Madhu and Pratap stop Arjun. She takes action. Chirag claims it wasn’t a little incident; the fire was intense, Rajjo ventured to approach him, and she should be given credit. Madhu confronts Chirag and becomes enraged. Kalindi claims Urvashi’s fast was broken. Madhu claims that Arjun was spared as a result of Urvashi’s fast. Yes, Pratap adds, it’s a good thing Arjun was saved. Kartik thinks it’s great that Rajjo is also safe. Yes, Mukund says, finish the pooja soon and we’ll walk downstairs. Pushkar becomes enraged.

Madhu advises Urvashi not to get discouraged. She claims that Rajjo won today, but that we will win this battle because Arjun is on our side. Arjun is concerned about Rajjo. Rozana…plays… Rajjo gives him a look. He asks why you jumped into the fire to save me. She asks why you came here; I have protected you as I promised, and I am not what you think of me. He sneezes. She gives him water. He says you can eat and sleep now. She expresses gratitude to him. He tells her she can relax now and not to lie outside his room. Don’t worry, he replies, I sleep with safety. He leaves.

Urvashi approaches and inquires about your well-being. Yes, he says. She claims I was planning to jump into the fire, but… Yet your uncles stopped you, adds Chirag, but nobody could stop Rajjo; I respect her bravery. Arjun adds, “Don’t confuse me, she’s greedy, she has a reason for coming here, what she did today, a selfish person can’t do that,” and I’m perplexed. Chirag says, “You know, everyone loves you, we all tried to save you, but didn’t dare to leap in flames, I was terrified, but Rajjo didn’t get scared, she kept the relationship that we think is one-sided, I can see everything clearly, Rajjo will always stay by you.”

Urvashi says I’m that person in his life, his fiancée. Don’t misinterpret Chirag, says Arjun. She claims you were unaware of her true motives. She protests. She claims I saw her leaving at 4 a.m. and returning with money; I’m not sure if she’s stealing the money; pursue her and then clear your doubts; your heart won’t believe her. Rajjo takes a seat to eat. She puts down her fork and says no… Arjun recalls Rajjo’s remarks. Rajjo notices the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. She goes for the cupcakes. Urvashi and Pushkar disagree. She claims that your plan failed.

He thinks I need to come up with something new. She responds, “I’ll plan something tomorrow, and I promise I won’t fail like you.” She mocks him. They are at odds. She continues, “I know you have an old score to settle with Rajjo, but I need money to pay my father’s bills, and I adore Arjun.” He makes fun of her. She claims that you cannot consider Kalindi and Rajjo as equals; dare to express this to the Thakur family; everyone is selfish here, including me; I want to stay with love and luxury; what’s wrong with that? He says, “Do something your way, and then I’ll give you the report card, and we’ll see who passes and who fails.” He leaves. She promises to make Rajjo fall in Arjun’s path. Arjun walks to the door and notices Rajjo. He inquires as to your purpose for being here. Rajjo claims you genuinely shut the door and held the bat. Yes, he continues, I told you to go sleep because you were hurt. She smiles and says, “Your scolding reminded me of the good old days when you used to reprimand me with love.”

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