Saavi Ki Savaari 17th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Vedika telling Saavi that Nityam had similar qualities to hers but had lost them long ago. She claims that with your patience, you can bring back my lost son. Saavi says you’re thinking about your son’s happiness again and wonders if it’s just my duty to fulfil the marriage. She claims that Mr. Dalmia and I took the oath together, in which husband and wife are partners in life and responsibility, and she wonders why it is my responsibility to guide him down the right path while he taunts and hurts me, undermining my self-esteem. Vedika claims that I never asked you to be quiet. She says today is my eighth promise to you, and that a mother in law is promising her bahu that she will give her the respect she deserves and that she will bring love and trust into their relationship, and that if I don’t fulfil my promise, you can leave the house and I will not stop you. She begs her to give him a chance, claiming that he has lost close relationships. She claims he agreed to marry Sonam because she knew she would not hurt his feelings and would make him happy in his outside world. She claims that you are not like her. She claims that Nityam believes this is your conspiracy, but he is unaware that Saavi has so much positive that will end his pains and her patience will break the wall that Nityam has built around him. She requests that Saavi return Nityam and accept her words as those of a friend rather than a bahu. Saavi clasps her hands and says, “I told you to always lift your hands to bless me.” She puts her hand on her head and says, “I can’t promise like you, but I’ll promise to myself.” She visits the in-house temple and declares, “I will give my marriage a chance without effecting my personality.” She says she will try to understand your son while adhering to her rules. She claims that she will not give up her identity as Saavi Goel and will give this marriage a chance. She says this while holding the diya. Vedika beams.

Saavi enters the room and finds Nityam sleeping on the bed. She sneezes. He awakens and notices her. He says, “I know you’re not going from here,” and asks for the price, saying he’ll pay in full. Saavi says she has no problem staying here. She requests that he go tell his mother if he wishes to end their marriage. Nityam claims, “You know I love my mother and will never harm her.” He admires her foresight and diligence. She says it’s your department, so think what you want. Nityam says fine, I’m willing to play this husband and wife for my mother’s sake, and promises to reveal her true face one day.

He claims I have some conditions and that my Mother will believe I am attempting to fulfil our marriage. Saavi says it depends on your performance, and she doesn’t want Vedika aunty to get sick. He claims that our single thought is similar. He instructs her to take notes and informs her that they must share the items in the room but will remain on opposite sides. He grabs the ghatbandhan’s cloth and attempts to undo the knot. Saavi remembers Mahant ji saying that no one can open it. Nityam claims to be building a wall out of it. He couldn’t get the knot to untie. Saavi presents her with a veil tied with ghatbandhan cloth. Nityam hangs it as a bed curtain. He informs her of his terms and conditions. He requests that she not touch his belongings or use any perfume or agarbatti. Is there a problem? he inquires. No, says Saavi. He says, “I am confident that you will seek my assistance, just as you did when you asked me to free someone from PS.” Saavi inquires if there are any additional rules. Nityam says he’ll let you know if there’s anything else.

Sonam inquires of Ratna whether she is concerned about Shivam’s remarks. Ratna claims that I do not want to go to jail. Sonam instructs her to think of someone who can assist them in getting rid of proofs. Ratna believes that my cousin brother Tillu is similar to me. Saavi checks on him and finds him sleeping. She enters the changing room and notices that it has a lot of AC.

Ratna dials Tillu’s number. Tillu inquires about Jija’s well-being. He says to call him if anyone dies. She invites him to Ujjain. He says he can’t leave his job to come there. Ratna ends the call by saying she will pay him a lot of money for doing her work. Sonam inquires as to where we will obtain the funds. Ratna suggests that Tillu come here first.

Saavi changes her clothes and returns to her bed. She is about to take the jug because she is cold, when she imagines him shouting at her, telling her not to drink water from his jug. She exits the room when she notices him sleeping. She wonders where the kitchen is in this huge house. She claps, and the lights turn on. She notices a water jug and drinks it. She returns to her room and sits on her side of the bed. She tries to take the blanket but is unable to do so. She suspects she slept in Chattriprasad and plans to solve the mystery. She takes some of her clothes from her bag and wraps them around herself, but she is still cold. She goes to the change room and sleeps inside the cupboard to keep warm.

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