Saavi Ki Savaari 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Saavi calling Nutan and asking her to check the house for money. Nutan and the others panic when they hear the amount and rush into the house in quest of the money. Sonam and Ananya looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. Nutan questions Saavi on why he came out with so much money. Ratan arrives and panics because she couldn’t find the money. Sonam contemplates why she is panicking. Saavi encourages them not to be tense and hangs up the phone. Nutan becomes concerned and claims that her sasural family may have given her the money and she has now lost it. She claims she’ll phone Saavi, but Ratna cuts her off. Tillu dials Ratna’s number. Brijesh becomes agitated upon learning that he has arrived.

Saavi touches the feet of all the elders in the family, but Dada ji and Yudi do not bless her. Vedika bestows blessings on her. Dimpy’s feet are about to be touched by Saavi. Dimpy stops her and adds, “We’re almost the same age.” Dimpy aunty, Tashu says yes. She congratulates Saavi on her first karwachauth and wishes her luck. Saavi expresses gratitude to her. Tashu tells you that you must fast all day, but don’t worry because your saas has a soft heart. Dimpy remarks that Saavi must be accustomed to being hungry and thirsty while riding Chattriprasad, and inquires as to how she used to eat in the car. Saavi claims that she used to eat with Maa’s tiffin. Dimpy replies great and informs Vedika that she may be thinking she is asking too much of her bahu. She claims she was only curious. Let’s start the rasam, says Yudi. Dimpy takes Yudi’s blessing and sits in front of her. Himesh is the photographer. Vedika requests that Yudi offer Saavi’s thaali. Yudi informs Dimpy that the new bahu’s saas will offer her sargi. Saavi says you are the eldest in the house, so your blessings are the most essential. Yudi claims she is more unhappy with Vedika than with her. Vedika, she claims, had forgotten that her Saas is still in the house. She tells her not to expect anything from her and leaves.

Tillu consumes the food and complains that it is difficult to eat. Brijesh questions Ratna about why her brother came when there is a food shortage. Ratna mocks him, saying she understands what it’s like to share food with relatives during a time of scarcity. She approaches Tillu and informs him that her jija is furious because he has arrived. Tillu inquires as to who provided the funds for the poisoning of canteen food. Sonam said she gave notes to the cleaner Paras since topper notes are really valuable. Tillu says, “Pars.” Shivam learns about Paras. If Shivam arrives in Paras before you, Ratna says. Tillu claims to be in need of funds. Ratna says I’ll pay her one lakh rupees. Sonam inquires, “From where?” Ratna agrees to sign her. Sonam prioritises labour above money. Tillu believes that food aromas and nuances of scent always reach his nose.

Vedika covers Saavi’s head with her dupatta and compliments her on her beauty. She claims it is because of her mother-in-love law’s and blessings for bahu that she follows the fast with her heart. She says she is providing you sargi plate, but it is not compulsory that you keep the fast. She says, “Nityam and you are far apart, but I am doing my job by offering you this sargi dish; it is up to you to decide.” Tashu asks Saavi whether she’ll fast for Bhai. Vedika says we won’t push her.

Dimpy examines the array of meals and explains that she will eat around 4 a.m. and then take a digestion medication. Himesh claims that you haven’t fasted for me till now, so why will you now? Dimpy tells him what to do: consume meals in secret and then sit with the family. Himesh says that is a difficult issue. Dimpy takes selfie with him.

Saavi recalls and writes in the book that Mr. Dalmia gave me money, then I went home and stored the bag there. She claims then I went to Dalmia office, and thought the money slipped down from her handbag. She believes she has never lost a rupee. She looks at her watch and sees that it is 4 a.m. Vedika enters Yudi and Dada ji’s chamber. Dada ji instructs Yudi to eat and keep the fast. Vedika recalls having yudi eat with her hand and thinking, “Please have it.” Dada ji notices Vedika’s reflection and invites her inside. Vedika enters and announces that she is going to grab some water. Yudi claims you don’t have the jug. Dada ji inquires whether Saavi consumed sargi. Vedika claims I told her she could keep the fast if she wanted to. Yudi claims that things are changing here.

Nityam dreams about his father’s death and muttering. Mr. Dalmia, says Saavi, attempting to awaken him. Saavi splashes water on his face and claps, but he does not awaken and is disturbed by the dream. She recalls Vedika’s statement that Nityam has lost loved ones and hides his emotions behind his ego. A song is playing…. Saavi comforts him by holding his hand. Nityam falls asleep. A song is playing….

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