Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd October 2022 episode written update

Saavi Ki Savaari serial poster

Sonam begins the episode by asking Ratna if he stole money from Saavi’s bag. Ratna tells her she did not steal it. Sonam claims that Ratna told her that she will give Dillu one lakh rupees because she has Saavi’s money. She answers Shivam’s phone call. Shivam informs her that he knows she has been fasting for him. She shows him Ratna’s sargi plate. She inquires as to why he is awake at this time. He assures her he discovered proof to establish his innocence and hangs up the phone. Ratna informs Sonam that she stole the money to clean up the damage Sonam made. Sonam claims that Shivam must leave her life in order for her to enter Nityam’s.

Saavi, on the other hand, awakens. Vedika is shown sargi meal by Servant Girdhar. He tells her he’s bringing her something from Nityam’s room. Vedika believes Saavi did not continue fasting for Nityam. She urges him to give Saavi dinner on time because she is going out to get puja supplies. Dillu gives Paras eighteen thousand rupees and begs him to leave the city, then departs. Shivam spots and apprehends Paras. Dimpy eats food while no one is looking. She answers Sonam’s phone call. When Nityam leaves the workplace, Sonam asks her that question. Dimpy assures her that she will notify her.

Kiran instructs Nityam to eat lunch. Nityam invites him to participate. Kiran informs him that he has been fasting for his wife and departs. Thasu calls Nityam and informs him that Saavi has been fasting for him. Nityam inquires as to why Saavi will continue to fast for him. She informs him that Girdhar gave Saavi food, but she hasn’t eaten anything since the morning and hangs up the phone. Nityam tells Kiran that he needs to cancel all meetings because he is heading to his house.

Saavi chats to Shivam about Paras before hanging up the phone. Nityam inquires as to why she continued to fast for him. He informs her that this marriage is merely for show and that she shouldn’t act like way. He inquires if she has forgotten his rules. She informs him that his rules do not state that she cannot continue fasting for him. He assures her that her drama will not be able to catch him off guard.

Sonam comes up. Saavi inquires if everything is in order. Sonam informs her that she is delivering incense sticks and has arrived to see her. She gives her money, claiming that the latter left it in their residence. She informs her that they do not require this money. She claims she will handle their family. Saavi informs her that she did not leave the money on purpose. Nityam compliments Sonam and departs for the office. Dimpy leads Sonam to her bedroom. Sonam claims she came to convince Nityam that she is the ideal life partner for him. They make their way downstairs. Dimpy goes inside after telling Sonam that the driver would drop her off.

Sonam instructs Saavi to dress to the standards of Dalmia. She requests Dimpy’s assistance. Dimpy isn’t a good person, Saavi informs her. She requests that she avoid Dimpy. She shows her the pendrive. Dimpy, she claims, wanted to play this pendrive on sangeet day. She requests that she watch it alone. She hands her the pendrive. Sonam later plays the video. Dimpy never intended for her to become Dalmias’ daughter-in-law. She promises to demonstrate Sonam Goyal’s abilities.

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