Sanjog 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Anjali is in the car and instructs Gopal to clean it once Gauri and Chandini get in. I don’t want their odour here because they’re cheap. Gopal is irritated but nods. He notices a bike following them and accelerates. Anjali advises him to drive carefully. Gopal takes a wrong turn and crashes his bike. Gopal apologises to Anjali and says he should have driven faster. He brings her home and apologises. The man approaches the house and stares at Gopal. Gopal believes this is a member of our group; I need to inform Gauri that he spotted me here. He invites Gauri to come see him later.

Amrita advises Chandini to collect her belongings for school because she will be sleeping with her mother. She requests her books, but Chandini acts as if she is unaware. Tara assists her and informs me that she still requires my assistance. Amrita states that Chandini was also assisting you, but you thrashed her and should not have damaged her. Tara apologises and hugs Chandini. Rajeev arrives and watches them playing. He laughs. Amrita claims Tara is now content. Rajeev claims that I am doing all of this for Tara. Amrita believes he became upset when I told him Tara was not his daughter. She claims Tara has no friends, but I believe she is missing siblings. She is all alone. What do you mean, Rajeev? Amrita says we don’t have another child, but Chandini is here, so I thought, what if we keep Chandini here permanently, what if we adopt her? Rajeev asserts that Tara cannot have a sibling as inexpensive as Chandini since we have a name and a standard. We don’t even know anything about her family or background. From there, he departs. Amrita claims that while Rajeev cannot know the truth about Tara, she can make him fall in love with Chanda. I’ll have to put a stop to Gauri till then. She calls Alok, but his phone is not in service.

Gopal informs Gauri that a gang member has seen me here and that I may have to leave. Gauri says you can’t leave right now because we have everything planned. Amrita is ready to adopt Chanda, so you must remain here. She will pay us whatever we desire. What if we kidnap Tara, says Gopal? Then we’ll be able to obtain money, right? We can’t give Chanda away. Chanda appears and embraces Gopal. The gang members arrive and assault Gopal. He shields Chanda and requests that Gauri take her away. The gang member claims that you must bring gold to us in a timely manner or we would not spare you. They depart. Gauri requests that Chanda return home. She rushes to Gopal and asks if he is okay?

Chanda returns home, distraught. Amrita inquires, “What happened?” Chanda claims that they assaulted Bappu. Gopal, the driver, is my bappu. Amrita is taken aback and asks, “What?” Is that driver your bappu? Gauri appears and asks, “Did you see another dream?” Your bappu is fine. She informs Amrita that she has nightmares and that she will be handled by me. She then takes over from there.

Gauri inquires of Chanda, “What did you tell Amrita?” You’re a frightened cat. You are not of my bloodline. Chanda claims to be your daughter. Gauri hands her a knife and instructs her to carve a chicken, but Chanda is unable to do it. Gauri claims that if you open your mouth, I will murder you. Rajeev arrives and discovers a chicken. Gauri is attempting to capture it. Rajeev comes to a halt and grabs it from her. Gauri asks, “What are you going to do with this?” Rajeev hands Amrita the chicken and says, “I should ask you about Chandini’s mother.” What exactly are Chandini and her mother doing here? Gauri arrives and hears everything.

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