Sanjog 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Rajeev inquires of Amrita, “What are Chandini and her mother doing here?” He shows her the chicken. Gauri then takes over. Amrita claims there is no reality to their remaining here. Rajeev claims that I am not a fool and that you are concealing anything from me. Amrita becomes concerned. Rajeev receives Rakshita’s message and says, “I’ll call you later.” He walks away.

Gauri is consuming booze. Amrita appears and says, “I advised you not to drink here.” I’m going to kick you out of the house today. Gauri is inebriated and says, “Stop!” You can’t stop me since I drink booze. I brought a chicken for Chandini and requested her to carve it for me, but she couldn’t. She is a coward because she is not my child. Amrita responds, “Leave her here and I’ll educate her.” Gauri says I can leave her with you, but what do I receive in exchange? I’ll give you 20 crores in exchange for Chandini. Amrita believes that if she discovers that Chanda is my daughter, she will demand far more. Amrita says you’re too intoxicated to chat right now; we’ll talk in the morning. Gauri suggests that I raise my price until then.

Rakshita shows Rajeev the outfits and adds, “I want to buy these.” Rajeev is wondering and wonders what occurred. Rajeev tells her everything she needs to know about Minakshi. Rakshita suggests finding some imperfection in Amrita and throwing her out of the family.

Gopal sits down with Chanda, who tells him, “I am your daughter, and I will never leave you.” She discovers his scars and remarks, “You must be hurt.” Gopal says I’m OK now. You are my entire existence. Chanda says, “Promise not to leave me?” Yes, he says. I don’t feel sleepy, says Chanda. Gopal teases her, saying, “You are my daughter and will always be.” He asks her to go to bed. Amrita notices them both together. Amrita interrupts Chandini and says, “Where have you been?” She leads her to the mandir and tells her that we never lie in front of Mata Rani. She inquires as to if the driver is her father. I’ve heard you refer to him as bappu. Don’t tell any lies here.

Gauri is sleeping off in the kitchen. When she wakes up, she does not see Chanda. She begins to look around for her. Amrita inquires of Chanda if the driver is her biological father. Yes, says Chanda, he is my father, and that woman, Sarita, is my Dadi. Panna and Heera are my younger siblings. Amrita is taken aback after hearing all of this. Gauri approaches and inquires, “What are you doing here, Chandini?” Amrita says she was afraid, so I took her to the mandir, where she was given parsad and told that Mata Rani was with her. She also gives Gauri parsad. Gauri picks up Chanda from there. Amrita claims that the entire gang is in the house. I can’t even tell Rajeev anything. If Gauri doesn’t like my Chandini, she can sell her. I cannot risk losing my daughter, so I must separate her from Gauri. I want to protect my Chandini from terrible people, and as her mother, I will go to whatever length. I will go to war for my daughter.

Amrita tells Alok in the morning that if she throws them out of the house, she will lose her Chandini. I can’t afford to lose Tara or Chanda. Why didn’t you tell me all of this previously, Alok asks? Amrita claims that I want both of my girls with me. If I battle for Chanda’s release, we must arrest Gauri and her family. Alok says they must leave the house before I can arrest them. Are you capable of doing so? Amrita insists that I cannot lose my daughter again. I’ll have the Safa gang arrested.

Gauri tells herself in the morning, “I was so drunk.” I even requested Amrita for 20 crores. She discovers some money in the house and begins to collect it. Amrita is standing there, she discovers. Gauri claims she saw some money here and apologises for saying so much last night. I was simply inebriated. Chandini is my own daughter, and I adore her. I would never, ever sell her. Amrita shows her the money video and adds, “I accept your offer.” I’ll offer you Rs. 20 crores. Gauri is taken aback.

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