Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Simar placing Reyansh and Kavya’s hands in each other’s. Aditi is grateful to Simar for everything he has done for Gagan and her. Simar hasn’t changed her stance on who would support the family. Reema also appreciates Simar for always being there for her and assisting her. Simar claims that with Mata Rani’s blessings, he can always assist you. Rudra notices the gleaming light emanating from the kalash. He claims that this is the light that we couldn’t see. Kamakshi claims that the heavenly light of the idol prevented us from seeing it.

Gajendra and Sandhya thank Simar for keeping everyone together. Giriraj approaches Simar and expresses gratitude for guiding him and reuniting him with his family. Happy anniversary, Aarav and Simar, from Badimaa and others. Everyone wishes them a happy wedding anniversary. Rudra, Kamakshi, and Mayakshi make their way to the shrine. They are interested in the locket. Kamakshi instructs Mayakshi to go collect the locket. Rudra instructs Mayakshi to go fetch it and return it to him. Mayakshi enters the shrine and removes the locket from the pot. She believes I am in possession of a lethal weapon.

Pandit ji says all jodis shall make each other wear garlands.┬áThe couple all exchange garlands. Simar begs Mata Rani to constantly hold her hand and protect her from harm. Rudra requests that Mayakshi give her the locket, but Mayakshi declines. Rudra and Kamakshi pay a visit to Mayakshi. Rudra requests that she give him the locket. Mayakshi says no, you won’t get it till after I marry Aarav, so take everything you want. Rudra requests that she hand over the locket. Mayakshi employs the locket to thwart Rudra. Kamakshi says we’ll go with this locket, but how will you marry Aarav in front of everyone? Mayakshi declares that I would make Aarav mine in front of everyone.

Badimaa informs us that six couples from our family are getting married today. Kavya claims that this is my first marriage. Yes, you are marrying on the auspicious day of Simar and Aarav’s anniversary, and Badimaa blesses their love to be like Simar and Aarav’s.

Reema tells Vivaan that she wants to start again with him, learn from her mistakes, and have true love and understanding in her heart for him. Gajendra assures Sandhya that he is constantly by his side. Sandhya declares, “I shall always love you.” Giriraj expresses his desire to be your life mate, but your path and heart must be pure. Chitra beams. Aditi admits her feelings for Gagan. Aditi, Gagan says he loves you. Reyansh apologises to Kavya and promises to always love and care for her. Pandit ji requests that they do the ghatbandhan of all the couples.

Simar notices Kamli (Kamakshi) and Dhol guy (Rudra) standing together and asks why. After the ghatbandhan is tied, Aarav and Simar prepare to take the rounds. Mayakshi arrives in bridal attire and requests that the theatrics be halted. Reema becomes terrified and informs Vivaan that they have returned to ruin our happiness. Mayakshi tells Reema not to worry, and that her focus is only on one person, and that she will accompany him today. Simar informs Mayakshi that she will not allow her to do so. Mayakshi informs Simar that she is not asking her permission and that Aarav has always been hers, and she doesn’t know where you came in between. Aarav claims that Simar is always made for me. To terrify the family, Mayakshi makes the guests vanish while holding the locket. Aarav requests that Mayakshi put a stop to it. Simar claims Mayakshi is the owner of the locket. Mayakshi claims that nothing can be done in front of this locket. She opens the ghatbandhan and proclaims that Aarav shall only marry Mayakshi now. Simar refers to Mayakshi. Mayakshi strikes her when she is holding the locket, causing her to pass out. Everyone rushes over to Simar. Aarav is stopped by Mayakshi. Everyone requests that Simar awaken. All of the males are stopped by Mayakshi.

Badimaa requests that Simar get up for her love and sindoor. Mayakshi requests that Aarav forget about Simar forever. Rudra informs Kamakshi that he would take Mayakshi’s locket. Kamakshi requests that he refrain from acting for the time being. Mayakshi instructs Pandit ji to begin the chants. She claims that Aarav will follow my instructions. Aarav says never. Mayakshi seduces Aarav and convinces him to marry her. Gajendra and others request that he not marry her. Mayakshi claims that we will be united indefinitely. While the family members try to stop her, Aarav and Mayakshi begin taking rounds. Badimaa tries to approach him, but is pushed back and falls.

Badimaa prays to Mata Rani for assistance, telling her that she cannot let anything go wrong with Aarav and Simar. She says, Simar is your major bhakt, how can you let anything go wrong, open your eyes and perform a miracle. Everyone is in tears. The gangajal jug falls from the temple, and the water drips upon Simar’s hand. Simar comes to and says, “Aarav ji.”

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