Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Badimaa praying to Mata Rani and asking her to assist Simar and perform a miracle. She claims Simar is your biggest fan. The gangajal cascades from the temple and approaches Simar. Simar becomes cognizant after coming into contact with it. Indu says Simar and dials Badimaa’s number. Aarav and Mayakshi are doing their rounds. Aarav stops hearing Simar, but Mayakshi tells him to keep going. Mayakshi declares that Aarav will become mine today and that you will have no choice. Simar tries to approach Aarav but is thwarted by the magical trap. Simar requests that Mata Rani prohibit this sin from occurring because he is my spouse. He also requests that she offer her power, protect her sindoor and mangalsutra, and demonstrate her trustworthiness. She removes her mangalsutra and grasps it in her hand. She makes her way towards the magical trap. Everyone becomes concerned. Kamakshi claims that this foolish girl is going to die, and that her story will finish today. Simar enters the magical trap, frightening Mayakshi, Kamakshi, and Rudra, as well as the rest of the family.

Kamakshi said it was impossible for her to enter inside. This mangalsutra, in Simar’s opinion, is a symbol of God’s blessings, true love, and trust. Nobody’s magic, she argues, will work on this. Mayakshi places the enchanted locket against Simar’s mangalsutra. Aarav passes out and collapses. Mayakshi says she’ll take your mangalsutra today because you’re so proud of it. Simar advises her not to gaze at her mangalsutra and to keep away. Mayakshi begs, “Will you stop me?” as she clutches the locket in her palm. Mayakshi faints and falls as divine forces emanate from Simar’s mangalsutra. Rudra assaulted Mayakshi. Reema becomes terrified and hides behind Badimaa. Kamakshi approaches Mayakshi and asks Rudra why he killed his sister. He claims he can do anything for his goal, which you are fully aware of. He claims that whomever comes between me and this locket would suffer the same fate. He inquires as to the whereabouts of the locket.

My daughter’s sacrifice can’t go to waste, says Kamakshi. Simar requests that Aarav become conscious. Rudar requests that Simar return his locket. Simar claims it’s Rudra’s locket. They are in pain because she is holding the locket. Simar claims that I can do anything for Aarav ji. Kamakshi attempts but fails to perform magic on Simar. Rudra threatens her family’s safety. Simar claims that his family is his God, and that if you gaze at them, he will turn you to ash. The magical powers of the locket bind Rudra and Kamakshi together. She pulls the string, causing the flowers to fall on them, injuring the evils. Rudra asks, “Do you think you’ve vanquished us? Look at your family.” Simar notices Rudra’s Servants holding knives around the necks of all family members. Rudra asks Oswals if they are prepared for the final trek. Simar summons Aarav and requests that he rise. Rudra requests that he return the locket. Kamakshi emotionally blackmails her into giving up the necklace, telling her that her intransigence will cost her dearly.

Simar uses the locket to liberate Rudra and Kamakshi from the trap. She then hands the locket to Rudra and motions for Aarav to rise. Rudra claims that I shall now become immortal and extremely powerful. He wears the locket, and it gains power as a result of Mata Rani’s abilities. Rudra attacks Simar, saying that even your God can save you, and that you believe you can mislead me by giving me a false locket. Everyone is taken aback. Simar makes a prayer to Mata Rani. Kamakshi claims that you and your family are now finished. Rudra notices the magical locket on the floor and is ready to take it up when Aarav appears with the trishul and strikes Rudra. Rudra collapses. Aarav is holding the miraculous locket. Simar urges Aarav that they must kill her before she destroys the planet. Aarav declares that their annihilation is certain today, and he places the locket on the floor. Rudra and Kamakshi request that the locket not be broken. The locket is broken by Aarav and Simar. Rudra, Kamakshi, and Mayakshi all vanish. Aarav claims that you have saved our family. Simar claims that we have saved our family.

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