Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Badimaa telling Simar that her heart is telling her that everything is occurring because of that statue and urges her to remove it from their lives. Simar says he’ll take it out tonight and urges her not to tell anyone because everyone, especially Reema, will be afraid. She claims that Reema can’t take another jerk. Aditi arrives and inquires whether everything is fine. Badimaa claims that today is Bhai dooj and that everyone had forgotten because of my accident. Aditi declares, “I will alter this house,” and adds, “You don’t believe my capability; I can accomplish whatever I want.” She hands Simar a first-aid kit and walks away, displaying her disdain. Simar and Badimaa are taken aback. What happened to Simar, she asks? Badimaa expresses concern about her appearance and requests that Simar remove the statue in some way. The driver stops the car when he hears music coming from the statue’s musical instrument. He becomes terrified.

Simar ties a rakhi around Gagan’s neck. Gagan gives them trinkets to commemorate their childhood memories. They become content. He thinks you have everything, therefore I decided to share some childhood recollections. They become content. Reema and Simar present him with a t-shirt that reads, “World’s Best Father.” He smiles and hugs his sisters. Aditi’s turn comes next. She gives Aarav a tilak and treats him to something nice. Aarav observes the bangle in her palm and asks if it’s the same one he brought for Simar. Aditi says she liked it so much that she wore it. Gagan requests that she return it to her. Aditi becomes enraged and declares that it is between Simar and me. You don’t need to ask Simar, he says. Aarav says I had brought it for Simar. 

Gagan wants Aditi to get rid of it and give Simar the item. Aditi asks, “Do you dare Gagan?” Reema inquires of Aditi as to why she is shouting. Aditi says it’s none of your business if I shout or not. She requests that she refrain from interfering. Sandhya inquires of Aditi as to what happened to her. Aditi approaches Simar and asks whether she can wear the bangle. Simar affirms. Aditi then wraps rakhi around the wrists of Vivaan and Reyansh. Gagan invites Aditi to his home. Aditi declines, stating that she want to spend the night in her home. Gagan believes Maa and Papa are probably waiting. Simar says I’ll notify them. She summons everyone to the dining table. Aditi is admiring the bangle when Reema notices her.

Badimaa is terrified as she recalls the accident that happened to her. The driver loads the statue into the car and approaches the shopkeeper, who has refused to take the statue and has suggested to Aarav and Simar that they shatter and destroy it.

Gagan approaches Aditi and inquires as to why she spoke to Reema in such a manner. He claims he does not have as much money as her father and brothers, but he makes every effort to provide for her. Aditi claims that she does not consider all of this. She narrates a story. Gagan is perplexed and considers her behaviour weird. She holds the kid in her arms and declares that she will restore the bangle to its rightful owner.

Reema informs Vivaan that she is unable to sleep and wishes to learn more about the statue and the bangle. She claims it’s a gold bangle with meena work. Vivaan says we should go to bed. Reema wakes up and asks him to sleep. Aditi is jolted awake by the statue. Simar discovers the statue missing and wonders where it went. She is surprised to see Aditi standing and asks if she is okay and what she is doing in the backyard. Aditi becomes enraged and screams, “I came looking for you.” She then asks her if she complained to Gagan about her. Simar inquires, “Why will I do?” Aditi claims that your brother has changed since I took your kada and that she can no longer bear him. Simar says I’ll take care of your problem in the morning. Aditi yells at her to go. Simar departs. A wall loop entangles the magical bangle. The statue is hidden behind a wall.

Reema examines her laptop and discovers that the bracelet is owned by the wealthy Bengali Roy family. She notices a lady wearing it and decides to learn more about it. She considers looking through old newspapers and magazines. She considers sending the information to Simar, but Vivaan grabs her and she screams in terror. He claims he doesn’t sleep and puts her to bed.

Aarav questions Simar about why she gave Aditi the bangle, and she responds, “If she desired, I would have gotten another bangle manufactured for her.” She narrates the story of the missing statue. Aarav claims that he is falling in love with the statue, and that the statue is falling in love with him. Simar claims she dislikes such jokes. Aarav is dozing off. Simar hears music and shuts the door. The statue is seen holding a bracelet. Simar examines Reema’s message regarding the bracelet.

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