Sherdil Shergill 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ajeet inquiring what’s wrong; Manmeet would have told him everything. Bhairav responds sure, but I thought we knew our children. Ajeet will not lie when she says Manmeet is her daughter. Bhairav claims, “I have proof; just come here and settle this.” Don’t worry, Puneet promises we’ll be there. Manmeet inquires of Shah about the construction delay. Shah claims that the delay was caused by weather, and that we have now increased the labour force. Raj approaches and whistles. She wonders what this is. He says, “I know you’re here.” She inquires as to what has occurred recently. He claims I handled the situation. She cracks a joke. She claims I was at work till 1 a.m. He claims that he awoke at 1 a.m. and came here to meet you. She inquires as to why you have come here. Come over here and listen to me, he says. She advises you to keep inside your limitations. He apologises to the boss and requests 5 minutes. She inquires as to what it is. He displays the diary paper. She confirms, “I recall your time in jail.” He says I haven’t crossed in a long time, so I decided to put an end to it; you also brought your diary. She wonders how you knew. He claims to have checked your desk. She questions your bravery. He says, “Stop being angry, I want to have our beautiful moment that we will always remember, so please do as I say.” She claims I’m preoccupied. She also receives a journal page. They each shred the pages and toss the pieces away. When he sees her, he smiles. She turns to face him.

Bhairav is patiently waiting for Ajeet and Puneet. Ajeet and Puneet return home. Bhairav invites them to join him. He introduces himself and his family. Choti is taken aback. Manmeet requests that Raj accompany her to her car. She says, “I have nothing to destroy it,” and asks if you want another second. Raj recalls the event and says it happened yesterday night. She requests that he say anything. He claims to have had a dream at night in which you asked for noodles and then spoke bizarre things about my marriage, after which I became bored and forced you to go. She claims it is rubbish. He claims it was a dream of mine. Come, she claims you do something when you lie. She answers Gunjan’s phone call and inquires how he is. Gunjan inquires if you spoke with your mother and father. Why does Manmeet say no? Gunjan claims they aren’t answering my calls, even on landlines; please let me know if you speak with them. Manmeet says okay but is concerned. Bhairav requests that Choti show the footage to Ajeet. She inquires as to which video you requested that I erase. He answers yes, but show him where you sent it on your phone before deleting it. He shows Ajeet and Puneet the footage. Puneet beams. Raj and Manmeet have arrived. He claims they have gone out, their daughters have settled, and they are enjoying some privacy. ¬†She says stop nonsense, I m panicking.

He says I’ll come down here because I have a show. I can’t believe that, says Ajeet. Puneet says, “Believe it now; you said you trusted Manmeet, and she never lies.” Nirali claims that Bhairav also stated the same thing, and Manmeet does not lie. Puneet claims, “I knew this was the actual tale since I saw them together.” Bhairav wonders what the real story is. Anmol, according to Puneet, is your grandson. Ajeet inquires as to why you are saying this.

He claims that we will contact the children and question them. Puneet says you like Raj because you’ve seen how Raj looks after Manmeet and Anmol. Bhairav says, “Stop being too pleased,” and Ajeet says, “Right, we should treat this maturely.” He requests that Nirali show Puneet around the house. Ajeet suggests that guys discuss various issues. Puneet chooses Nirali. Bhairav dispatches Choti and Murari. Ajeet apologises on behalf of my wife. Bhairav responds, “No, it’s OK, mum thinks about the children’s good.” Ajeet believes they are lying to save each other. Manmeet lied to secure Gunjan’s marriage, while Raj lied to get rid of Nikki. As an experienced lawyer, I know the truth.

Bhairav says, “I was concerned about this situation since yesterday, and you fixed it.” Puneet believes that today’s children are confused because they have a child first, then married. She displays Anmol’s photograph. Nirali believes it is a childhood photograph of Raj. Puneet thinks it’s Anmol’s photo; he looks like Raj, with the same nose and hair, and the same eyes as the Shergill family. Raj is at his performance. A man becomes enraged with Raj. Raj encourages him to laugh and enjoy life. The man walks away. Ajeet says you have a really large house. Nirali inquires, “So, what did you guys decide?” Ajeet suggests we’ll sit and talk to the kids instead of discussing it. Nirali interprets this as a postponement of the matter. She embraces Puneet. Ajeet and Puneet have left. Nirali beams. Raj has left the club. The same person that was in the club slaps him on the head. Raj collapses.

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