Sherdil Shergill 31st October 2022 episode written update

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Raj returns home to see Manmeet at the beginning of the episode. He claims you did not return my call. She claims I was preoccupied. He welcomes Puneet and Ajeet. She inquires if you came alone today. He claims I worked with Manmeet. She says, “Sit and speak, we’re going inside, better go to the bedroom.” Manmeet requests mummy… pls… She requests that Raj say it here. Raj adds, “Puneet is correct; come to the bedroom and we’ll sit and speak.” They leave. Ajeet asks whether it’s okay to go to the bedroom because he has an engagement tomorrow. Puneet says he has imp work, he hasn’t been engaged yet, this is all for the better, things will change when they come out, listen to me. Ajeet thinks you’re odd.

They are waiting outside. Ajeet approaches the door. Puneet intervenes. Raj and Manmeet emerge. Manmeet requests that he not meet her again. She closes the door. She says we shouldn’t worry if he gets engaged or married; we’re not related to this, and we won’t go there tomorrow. Ajeet inquires, “Did you hear that?” Puneet makes a funny face.

The goons confront Raj, Bhairav, and Murari. Raj is concerned and recalls that man. Bhairav’s men claims that we apprehended them when they were fleeing Mumbai. Bhairav inquires if you were attacked. Raj addresses Papa Ji… Bhairav inquires, “Who is the chief here, you… come here, and why did you beat my son?” Talk to Murari with respect; he claims to be our prince. The man lies and claims that we saw his branded watch and wallet full of cash. Bhairav says that I didn’t see that in the video. Murari affirms. Bhairav demands that you explain why you beat my son. The man claims I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted his money.

Murari questions why you didn’t steal it then. The man claims that we took the wallet and watch, but that we had already spent the money. Bhairav inquires of Raj, “Is this yours?” Raj responds positively. The man hands over the watch. Murari inquires as to when you stole it, as it is not seen in the video. The man claims that we hid after he collapsed and that we stole this before the taxi arrived. Bhairav asks whether there was another reason. Raj asks, “What else could there be?” I told you. Bhairav orders his soldiers to thrash them. Raj orders a halt. Break his bones, shouts Bhairav. In anguish, the man shouts. Raj pleads, “Please stop, I don’t want his curse, his my engagement today.” Bhairav departs.

Raj smiles as he remembers meeting the men. He urges the man to return the wallet and watch, saying that the battle was for loot and that he will give him 5 lakhs if anything goes wrong. He runs into Manmeet. She inquires about the new issue. Raj claims that his father tracked down the individuals who had beaten him, that the men will talk about his standup comedy, that his father will beat me, and that he has a plan. She inquires if you are familiar with planning. He requests his watch and wallet. Oh, one second, she says. He claims that he, too, desires money. She inquires as to the amount. I know your salary is 5 lakhs, he says. She questions why I should offer you 5 lakhs.

He claims that it is my right. She inquires as to why. He thanks me for my efforts. Please excuse me, she says. He applauds my efforts. She inquires about the difficulty. He asks for the compensation of an intern. She says Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000. He says Rs.90,000 for three months, 1.10 lakh for my assistance in Shimla, for a total of two lakhs. She asks if I want to donate 3 lakhs to charity. He says no, I became your husband for four days, one day for travel, for a total of 2.5 lakhs. She inquires further. He claims you forced him to change Anmol’s diaper five times, therefore he’ll pay you Rs.50000 for that. She asks whether you’re serious. He inquires, “Can’t I do this? If you’re selfish, I don’t know what I’m, I want 5 lakhs now.” She hands him the money and tells him not to show his face to her again. Raj hands the money over to the men, saying, “I honoured my word, just speak what I taught you.” Facebook is shutting down. Raj believes my flight to Sydney has been confirmed.

Hussain says Raj’s engagement is today; would you be there? Manmeet says no, he has been bothering us for three months, why should we go there, I was punished for a single day. He says you should come for Raj; if you go, they will explain their misconception; it is their major contribution. I recommend that you keep the professional relationship; otherwise, they will believe there is still an issue or that you are busy; you should go to clear this confusion. She says she’s not sure if she should come or not. He thinks you should come since they should know everything is fine on your end. Raj comes to mind. She says, “I believe you are correct; I should attend Raj’s engagement.” Raj smiles as he walks away from that location.

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