Swaran Ghar 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Bebe begins the episode crying. Swaran and everyone are concerned. Balli claims they must lose because we are both in the same boat. Yug inquires, Bau ji… Bebe sobs. Swaran reassures her. Bebe inquires as to why you are interfering with my children’s present. It’s a question of shame, she argues. Ajit adds, “I’m your son, you call me part of the family; don’t worry, we’ll handle it; this thing will not be forgotten.” Swaran responds, “Yes, something went wrong with you; we’re all together today, in our house; Kanwal’s birthday is tomorrow; we’ll see what occurred.”

Vikram is forced to pay the bill by Balli. Don’t think I’m stupid, said Vikram. Saroj responds, “No, you are intelligent.” Balli believes you’ll have a good time if you stick around. Swaran promises to stand by you and fight beside you. Yes, says Nakul. Yug claims that we are all behind you. They all embrace. Balli says you have similar tendencies to me; go to Swaran ghar and tell me what’s going on; we’ll go to the guest house. He inquires about auto fare with Vikram. He claims we don’t have any money. Vikram wonders how you got here from Canada. He hands over the cash. Balli advises them to go home and devise a suitable plan to demonstrate their status. Vikram gives a nod. Ajit claims that no one can help us; we have established a new beginning today with Kanwal’s name and memories; we will smile and celebrate; I have dealt with many such men. Nakul and Yug hugged him and thanked him. Swaran watches and cries gleefully. Ajit says not to worry, everything will be alright, and he will leave now. Nakul believes that it is time to stay together and celebrate. Don’t worry, Ajit says I’ll be back. Bebe is crying in the morning after seeing Kanwal’s photos. Swaran comes over to cheer her up. She says, “I got thrilled, you and Ajit stood together, and I guess my son Kanwal has arrived.”

Nakul inquires about the arrangements. Swaran confirms, “I forgot Bebe’s medications.” Bebe claims that I informed Ajit that he would receive it. Nakul expresses his delight at seeing Ajit and you together. She kisses his brow. She asks, “Are you fine and happy?” Yes, he says, I’m happy. He embraces her. Ajit phones someone and requests information on Balli/Baljeet and Saroj. Jai appears and asks, “Do you look worried?” Divi says she will come. Ajit gives him a hug and thanks him. Jai claims that your happiness is important to us. Ajit says I’ll get Bebe’s medications and come over. Ajit’s family arrives at Swaran Ghar. Swaran says you all look great, and Ajit is on his way. Yug sings O mere dil ke chayn while playing the piano. Everyone is dancing. Balli and Saroj arrive with the band’s musicians. Balli claims you were celebrating Kanwal’s birthday without us.

Nakul inquires as to your identity. Balli continues, “I’m Baljeet Singh Bedi, your stepuncle, and I’m not going to let you miss your father.” He casts a glance towards Swaran. Saroj greets everyone. She removes the garland off Kanwal’s portrait. Bebe warns her not to take Kanwal’s photo. She scolds her. Saroj claims Kanwal is no longer alive. Bebe says, “Leave my house.” Saroj and Bebe disagree. What will you do if Saroj leaves you alone in this vast house? Stop, urges Swaran. Saroj shoves Bebe. Vikram informs Saroj that if someone discloses anything to their family, he will not allow it. Saroj claims that I am not afraid of anyone. Bebe describes you as shameless. Saroj says you should have given happiness to your husband, he would have not come to me. Divi says we are getting related to them. Bebe asks Saroj to stop nonsense. Balli shouts enough, Bebe your husband had done such things, so I m standing here, you can’t remove me from here.

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