Swaran Ghar 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Swaran stating that Bau ji married Bebe, Kanwal and Nirmal are Balli’s elders, Bebe did not grab anything, you are attempting to snatch it, Kanwal built this house for me, and Bau ji has nothing to do with it. Balli adds I’ll get a cut of Kanwal’s earnings as well. Nakul instructs him to speak politely. Swaran chastises Balli. Divi mumbles. Saroj claims that Balli is Joginder’s son. Swaran says, “We admit Bau ji did wrong; you wrecked Bebe’s house; you are committing a major offence.”

She replies, “Look at my sons, they know their manners and when to talk, you didn’t teach manners to your kid, Ajit will teach him manners, I stopped him yesterday but I won’t stop him today, Ajit is coming to deal with you.” Ajit has been admitted to the hospital. Doctor says you brought Nakul that day. Ajit claims he collapsed but is now fine; I came to retrieve Bebe’s medications. Doctor says I performed Nakul’s tests and had to provide his report; liver cancer has been diagnosed. Ajit is taken aback. Doctor says it’s in the early stages, but we should start treatment quickly. I asked him whether you were his father. Ajit inquires whether his life is in danger. The doctor says everything will be alright, but treatment should begin right away. Ajit examines the reports and becomes concerned.

He remembers Nakul and sobs. He believes I must provide courage to Nakul; I cannot lose courage. He calls Nakul and tells him, “You lied to me, that we are together, how did you hide such a big thing, doctor told me everything, you have liver cancer, you should have come to me and talked to me, its fine, I’m with you, don’t worry, Kanwal gave me your mother’s responsibility, children’s responsibility is also mine, I will get your treatment done and make you fine, are you listening?” Swaran is taken aback.

She screams as she sees Nakul. Nakul begs Balli and Saroj to leave. He says, “We all got together after a long time, please don’t make problems, it’s a special day for us, it’s my dad’s birthday, don’t bother us, just go, I won’t let my mum’s happiness be wrecked, I don’t want to see her angry, please leave.” Saroj claims to have seen numerous people like you. He says you will see it today, what does a son and family mean, how to maintain family united, we were useless sons and made many mistakes, we didn’t help mum, but she kept us connected, we are happy now, right mummy? He clutches Swaran’s hand and says, “Our mother taught us to stick together.” Swaran hugs him and cries. He claims that his family is everything to him and that he will not let it fall apart at any cost. He requests that Yug go grab the cake. Balli claims we also received a delicious cake. Yug claims it’s bitter, just like you. Nakul sneezes. Swaran is concerned. He describes you as a power lady, not just our mother. He forces her to put on Kanwal’s cape. He claims that Ajit has not yet arrived. Yug reports that Ajit has arrived. Ajit enters the room. Nakul inquires, “Where were you? We were expecting you.” Ajit inquires as to your well-being. Nakul invites him to join him. Saroj claims that I can’t take any more insults. Balli tells her, “Calm down, I’ll get you your rights.” Nakul requests that Swaran cut the cake. They sliced the cake. Everyone gets it from Nakul. Ajit promises to look after you. Yug requests cake from Balli. Nakul sneezes. Everyone is concerned. Nakul notices blood on his hand. Everyone is taken aback. Ajit assures Swaran that it happens from time to time.

Swaran exclaims, “Call the doctor! Nakul has liver cancer!” The family is taken aback. Nakul is taken to the hospital. Swaran completes the form. Ajit delivers the news. Nakul exclaims, “I’m in a lot of agony; please save me.” Nothing will happen, said Swaran, so relax. Aarav and Bebe are consoled by her. Nakul is in excruciating pain. The doctor examines him. He says we’ll begin treatment once his condition stabilises. Swaran cuddles and consoles Kiran. Kiran claims Nakul has cancer and asks what I will do if something happens to him. Swaran claims that we will go to any length to save him. Swaran sobs as he remembers Nakul’s remarks. She goes and takes him in her arms.

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