Swaran Ghar 25th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Swaran requesting Bebe to accompany him home with Aarav. Vikram claims that I reserved a cab. He requests that Yug drop them off outside. Swaran requests that Jai transport his family home. No, Jai responds, let me stay here. Ajit says I’m here. Swaran sobs and walks away. Yug summons her. Ajit says, “Let her go, she’s a superwoman for us, but now she’s a mother with a sick son; leave her alone for a while.” Swaran sobs, “I done something wrong, don’t punish my son, punish me.” She says a prayer for Nakul. She requests that Maa show her a path. Ajit comforts her, saying, “I spoke with the doctor, cancer did not spread from the liver, liver transplant can save his life, someone’s liver will match from the family, he will be well after the operation.” She inquires whether we will save him. He responds yeah, the operation must take place quickly because we don’t have time. She claims that my liver will match because I am his mother. He thinks I should get the test as well because my liver might match. Balli observes. The doctor describes the liver transplant procedure. She requests that they locate a liver donor as soon as possible. Swaran and Kiran agree to donate the liver. Divi mocks

Ajit suggests that I donate my liver as well. The doctor believes it should be a family member; are you a family member? No, says Ajit. The doctor apologises. Saroj inquires as to who will provide Nakul with liver. Balli inquires as to his fate. She claims that everything would be OK because both Nakul and Swaran will perish. Ajit says I’ll marry Swaran and become a family member before donating my liver to Nakul. Divi requests that Jai stop Ajit. Jai tells her to be ashamed, that Ajit is doing well, and that Swaran will not think about whether they need her. Just people with O blood group, the doctor advises, should proceed. Doctor says but you aren’t family yet, the test will happen tomorrow. Balli leaves.

Swaran donates blood for testing. Ajit instructs Jai to call the marriage registrar; if the liver matches, Ajit will marry Swaran the next day. She expresses gratitude to him. He claims that I am not a stranger. Balli appears and asks, “Do my test as well.” Make them out, says Ajit. Saroj advises not to make this error because Balli’s blood group is O and he is also a family member. Swaran’s blood group isn’t O, so she can’t donate her liver, the doctor explains. Saroj claims that his uncle is willing to contribute it. Divi responds, “Good, why should our father contribute it?” Jai intervenes. Ajit requests that Divi return home. Saroj suggests that perhaps Balli’s liver resembles Nakul’s liver; you can’t reject now. Swaran gives a nod. Balli beams. Swaran requests that a nurse obtain blood samples from Balli and Ajit. The doctor says we’ll find out who can donate a liver tomorrow.

Saroj claims Balli’s liver matched with Nakul’s liver, and we just got word from the hospital. Swaran embraces Bebe. She assures her that Nakul will be OK soon. Kiran assures me that he will be OK. Wait, Swaran, says Saroj, we’ll chat first. Swaran claims that we will handle his medical bills and care. This is something Balli likes about your bahu. Bebe chastises him. Swaran, she claims, is my daughter. Saroj claims she will be my bahu. Aarav wonders what that is. Kiran says we’ll discuss it later. Saroj claims that Balli will donate his liver and that he should be compensated. Yug inquires as to what you mean.

Saroj informs me that I have a condition: Swaran must marry Balli. Everyone is taken aback. Bebe claims you became enraged. Yug believes that this marriage is unnecessary. Balli claims we aren’t a member of this family, so it’s necessary; I liked this great family; this relationship will become legal now; and I want my mother’s rights. Saroj and Balli are cursed by Bebe. Yug requests that they depart. Saroj inquires of Swaran as to what happened to her. She feels sorry for Nakul. Balli claims that you all insulted us yesterday because we are illegitimate; now you must make us legitimate; you can save your son by falling at our feet; the decision is yours. She makes fun of Swaran and Bebe. I came to the marriage registrar’s office for Swaran and Ajit’s nuptials, says the lawyer. Saroj agrees, but the groom has changed; Swaran will now marry Baljeet Bedi.

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