Swaran Ghar 26th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Yug claiming that Ajit and Nakul’s livers may have matched. He phones the hospital and inquires about Ajit’s status. The nurse says, “Reports have arrived; sorry, his liver does not match; Baljeet’s liver does match; please come to the hospital and complete the formalities.” Swaran is taken aback. The nurse closes the call by saying, “You made me do wrong.” Vikram inquires as to what is wrong, and Baljeet’s liver matched. He appreciates Divi for informing him that Ajit’s liver matched Nakul’s liver. Divi remembers going to the lab to get the report. She searches for the report. She runs away from the nurse. Facebook ends. Vikram adds, “I don’t want my mother to marry Ajit; Baljeet will donate his liver; go from here; I’ll handle it.” She walks away. He claims that Nakul will receive liver, Swaran will receive her favourite kid, and I will receive what I had lost. He remembers the house.

Saroj and Balli request that Swaran make a decision fast. Kiran requests that the marriage be approved because Nakul is his favourite son that he be saved. Bebe says, “No, I’m not going to let Swaran marry this beast; I’m going to get the tests done and donate my liver.” Saroj tells her that in her old age, she can only bless the children. Aarav claims Swaran is the powerhouse who would save his father. Kiran advises saving Nakul. Bebe adds that this should not have happened, that Ajit should have come and fixed things.

Vikram sets fire to the reports and phones Balli. He inquires as to what is going on there. Balli says I’m going to marry Swaran soon. Vikram responds, “Good, you remember, you have to give me the share in the house, I helped you,” adding that Ajit could have donated his liver as well, because his liver matched Nakul’s. When Ajit hears this, he becomes enraged. He chastises Vikram. Vikram takes off running. Divi wonders why I am thinking so much; I am unhappy with this marriage, and Nakul will be spared. She notices Ajit’s scooter and thinks that his father may be aware of the reports.

Ajit is apprehended by the thugs. Vikram shows up. He apologises, saying, “I didn’t want to do this.” Ajit inquires as to what transpired. Vikram adds, “Balli and your livers matched with Nakul; I don’t want you to donate the liver; I want Balli to donate the liver; Balli has a condition and wants to marry Swaran; Swaran will marry him.” Vikram orders the goons to beat up on Ajit. Ajit humiliates the men. Saroj asks Bebe whether she agrees to their relationship. Bebe believes that poisoning Swaran is preferable.

Swaran is insulted by Saroj. Saroj is chastised by Yug. Saroj claims that I am taking advantage of the circumstance. Ajit is thrashed. Yug claims that Ajit and Balli are really different. Saroj inquires of Swaran how long she will think. Swaran is concerned and wonders why fate has brought him to this point. Balli claims she is more concerned about her partner than her son. Saroj frightens Kiran. Kiran collapses. Swaran is concerned about Kiran. Ajit is still fighting the goons. Swaran claims that he will not let anything happen to Nakul. Bebe warns against doing so since Saroj and Balli will deny it after the wedding. Saroj claims that I have always kept my word, and that you should be grateful that someone came to save your kid. Swaran considers Nakul. Ajit becomes enraged at Vikram. He chastises Vikram.

He claims, “I requested Swaran to help you since you are endangering Nakul’s life and Swaran’s future, you are a dirt, and I pity your family.” Divi arrives and expresses concern for Ajit. Ajit requests that she leave. Vikram claims Divi is bad like me; ask her how she learned to be like me; she obtained the file and delivered it to me; ask her. Ajit inquires of Divi, “Did you know that my liver matched?” Swaran travels to Balli. Divi only requests that Ajit agree. Ajit inquires if you were with Vikram. Balli will donate her liver, she tells him. She requests that Vikram leave her father. Vikram orders goons to beat up Ajit. She says, “Leave my father alone.” She requests that Ajit agree. Ajit says, “You’ll witness me getting banged up now; why are you sobbing while you’re laughing now?” Divi sobs. Ajit collapses. Swaran is contemplating something. Yug and Neelu request that Swaran refrain from doing so and that they wait for Ajit. Bebe sobs.

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