Swaran Ghar 31st October 2022 episode written update

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Balli scolds Swaran at the beginning of the episode. She expresses gratitude to you while joyfully crying. He says that indicates you don’t only want the liver, but the proper liver, so smile. She beams. She insists that I say something. He says, “If you want to talk to me, come sit down, don’t be timid, and tell me.” She adds Nakul’s surgery is today, and I want to go to the Gurudwara and pray for him. He claims it will not help. She expresses a desire to pray. He says, “OK, go.” She inquires earnestly. Yes, he says. She expresses gratitude to him. Come downstairs, he urges, and keep your mood upbeat. He leaves. Swaran goes to inform Bebe. Swaran and Yug hurry out the door. Balli intervenes. He questions why Yug would accompany you, saying, “I’m your spouse, I’ll accompany you.” Swaran inquires as to why. He claims you do not wish to accompany me. She declines. He says, “Smile and come.” Vikram arrives. Balli states that if Swaran goes with Yug, the world would think that I don’t care about Swaran; thus, I will gift Nakul a liver today and a property portion to Vikram. They depart. Yug and Bebe are concerned. Bebe inquires of Vikram, “Are you happy now?” He also leaves.

At the Gurudwara, Ankita and Divi met Swaran. They inquire as to your well-being. She agrees. They ask if you came to pray for Nakul’s surgery, and we are delighted to see you, because dad… Balli invites her to join her. She walks away. Ankita claims Swaran was forced to marry Balli. Swaran says a prayer for Nakul. Divi and Ankita both pray. Swaran believes that Ajit is not present, but his children are praying for Nakul today. Balli mentions that you prayed for Nakul; do you want to stay and pray for Ajit? Swaran bursts into tears. Divi summons Ajit. She claims that whatever happened with Swaran, for dad and her, will cause me to cry for the rest of my life. Balli requests that the men show him the route. The prayer for Ajit is made in Gurudwara. Swaran prays for Ajit.

Saroj believes Swaran has signed Yug. She claims she has come to pray, but what is Yug doing here? She claims Yug has organised all of the food distribution in order to pray for Ajit. Okay, Balli says, we’ll go home now. Swaran insists that we go to Nakul’s procedure. No, he says, who said that, we’ll go home. Nakul claims that everything horrible that is happening to Mummy is my fault. He bemoans himself and curses himself. Bebe and Kiran request that he refrain from saying this.

Kiran wonders who could have predicted Ajit’s stroke. Bebe receives a phone call from Yug. Yug requests that you return home as soon as possible. Don’t worry, Bebe says, I’ll be there. She claims Yug called and that he is nervous. Kiran inquires if he will be present today. Bebe answers sure, Swaran has put everything on the line, and she will get him. Swaran requests that you come quickly and save his son. Balli claims that I am helpless. Bebe arrives and inquires as to what transpired. Balli claims that it is critical for Nakul’s life and surgery to arrive at OT. Don’t say that, says Bebe. He claims I’m helpless. He scolds Yug. He claims I married her, yet she destroys my happiness. She requests that Swaran explain what occurred. Swaran claims I prayed there. Balli claims she prayed for Ajit, her lover. Yug claims it was his idea. Balli claims that I will smash his jaw. Swaran apologises and begs forgiveness.

Balli claims that you betrayed me. She says, “I did everything you said, why are you doing this?” Nakul needs a liver transplant, and she requests that she come. She implores him. Yug begs him as well. Saroj criticises him. Yug becomes enraged and yells at her. Stop, urges Swaran. Saroj claims that surgery will not take place. Balli has cancelled her surgery. No, save Nakul, his life is in danger, don’t do this, urges Swaran. Saroj believes you should have remembered. Swaran adds, “I’m offering you this property and money; I’m willing to become your slave; save my Nakul.” Balli says her tears are melting my heart; what should I do, I told you not to cry, smile? Swaran says, “I’m not sobbing, I’m smiling,” and invites you to join him. Balli says I should sign the property documents first, then the operation papers, and my nameplate should be on the Swaran ghar door.

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