Timelapse video shows deadly devastation caused by Hurricane Ian | Watch

Before and After images that show degree of destruction due to Hurricane Ian. (Twitter Photo)
Before and After images that show degree of destruction due to Hurricane Ian. (Twitter Photo)

The severity of the damage caused has been depicted in a number of pictures and films. One such footage, a timelapse video, paints a terrifying picture of just how devastating the hurricane has been, as shocked Florida communities are only now starting to realise the full scope of the devastation. Rescuers are still looking for survivors along the state’s southwest coast and in inundated areas.

The video that has been circulated widely on Twitter opens with a shot of a sunny day with typical street traffic. The video then gradually demonstrates how water enters the roadway before transitioning to the segment taken after Hurricane Ian, which demonstrates how the exact same street had roof-high water. Additionally, a two-story building is visible being washed away.

In one case, water can be seen rising to the top of a palm tree. There is total devastation at the video’s conclusion. An unsettling picture of Ian’s level of devastation after it made landfall on Wednesday as a strong Category 4 hurricane.

As Florida’s floodwaters receded and search crews ventured further into initially cut-off areas, it was anticipated that the dead toll would continue to rise. Hundreds of people have been saved as rescuers combed through homes and structures that had been entirely washed away or submerged in water.

When the storm hit land, Lee County took the brunt of it and was among the worst affected. This county has apparently seen at least 42 fatalities. However, the National Hurricane Center anticipated “significant to record flooding” in central Florida and further heavy rain into Sunday morning across portions of West Virginia and western Maryland.

In Florida, more than 900,000 people were still without power as of Saturday night, making it difficult for individuals who were evacuated to go back to their houses and assess what they had lost.

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