Udaariyaan 20th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Nehmat giving some jewellery and requesting the earrings. Mallika claims they are Tejo’s earrings. Nehmat claims she would have done the same thing. The jeweller inquires if you are Tejo’s daughter. Nehmat affirms. The man claims Tejo purchased these jewels and assisted my father; she also assisted me in my studies; we have many favours from her; take this. Nehmat expresses gratitude to him. She claims that we were spared because of mum, that mum and dad are always there for me, and that if you don’t tell Aykam, I will.

Aykam dials Nehmat’s number. She answers the phone and sobs as she recalls his comments. He thanks you for answering my phone and apologises for speaking in such a manner. She says she will chat to you when we meet and will also give you the earrings. Shelly converses with Naaz. Nehmat visits Naaz. Naaz says I miss my mother a greatly. Shelly inquires as to what occurred to you. Just leave me alone, says Naaz. Shelly says I’ll keep the food and leave. Naaz advises Rupy and Satti not to inform anyone because they are already concerned about Nehmat. Shelly departs. Naaz sobs when he sees Jasmin’s photo. She asks, “Am I that horrible, you’ve always liked me, I want to talk about your journey, but I made a big mistake, I ruined it all in fury, I stole a thing, I soiled Nehmat and my relationship, I want to die?” Nehmat is taken aback when he hears this. Naaz claims I can’t look Nehmat in the eyes. She stands up and walks over to retrieve a doll. She says it’s Nehmat’s favourite doll, and I’d like to return it to him today. She keeps it on her bedside table.

She sends a voice message for Nehmat. Nehmat enters and inquires as to your destination. Naaz tells me to go to the bookstore because I have an exam. Nehmat claims you’re lying yet again. Let me go, says Naaz. Nehmat exclaims, “Just stop it, you’re going to commit suicide,” referring to what happened to him. Naaz inquires, “What shall I do?” Nehmat says, “I heard everything, don’t get too weak.” Life always gives us two options, Naaz. Naaz describes me as frail. Nehmat demands that you agree not to run into Varun again. Naaz assures her.

She hugs Nehmat and thinks he’s very kind. She recalls seeing Nehmat on the phone with Aykam and hearing their conversation. Naaz believes I must demonstrate that my choice is also correct. Advit responds, “Yes, Dad, I’ve come to the airport to pick up Nikhil.” Nikhil approaches and grabs him, saying Veere. He rushes up to him and embraces him. He says, “I missed you a lot,” and asks how you are, as well as how your mother and father are. Advit replies, “I missed you a lot, and I’m glad you came back.” Nehmat states that whoever you choose, make sure he respects you. Aykam and my relationship is strained since I violated his trust and he fiercely disrespected me; I will apologise to him, and he will also apologise. She is feeding Naaz. Naaz adds, “But what will he think of me?” Mallika answers, “Fine, tell him the truth.” Nehmat promises not to inform him and hugs Naaz. Naaz believes we’ll find out how much Aykam trusts you.

Nehmat meets Aykam in the morning. He apologises and hands her a card. He sends crimson roses. She requests that he retract his remarks. He apologises, saying, “I told you all that in anger.” She apologises for making a mistake. They embrace. She hands over the earrings. He says no, you keep it because you’re my future bride. She says to preserve it till I marry you. He requires her to wear the earrings. He praises her. He inquires as to where you obtained these earrings. She remembers Naaz’s words. Mallika reads the horoscope and predicts a bad year for Nehmat. Nehmat says, “I got it, it’s OK, when are you coming?” Aykam asks that you inform him where you got the earrings tomorrow. She claims I have it. He inquires as to what you are concealing. She declines. He asks her to say something.

She says, “I don’t want to say anything.” He insists that you tell the truth. Mallika continues reading and recalls Naaz’s challenge. She claims Aykam and Nehmat have a strong relationship. She says a prayer for them. Nehmat claims that you just want one thing. Aykam inquires, “Shouldn’t I know? Why are you suppressing it, Nehmat?” Nehmat believes I can’t tell you about Naaz without making her fall in front of your eyes. Aykam instructs Nehmat to simply say it. She claims there is none. He becomes agitated. He says, “I’m simply wondering where you got the earrings.” I can’t tell you, she says. He walks away. She sobs. Laakh karle koshish…. Plays… She walks along the road.

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