Udaariyaan 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Nehmat crying at home. She thinks of Aykam and predicts that his rage will pass shortly. Aykam receives a call from senior. Senior informs you that your move to Rajpura has been completed and that you must be present. Naaz takes Nehmat’s phone and checks for a call from Aykam. He texts Nehmat and invites him to meet him before his posting in Rajpura. Naaz reads and deletes the message. She says, “This time, I’m not going to let the misunderstandings go away because I have to stop your relationship.” Nehmat contacts Aykam to resolve the situation. She is oblivious to the fact that the message was not conveyed. This time, Naaz says, messages will not be received or transmitted; I have placed the phone in flight mode; and no one can stop your breakup this time. Aykam is waiting for Nehmat. Nehmat checks his email. She rushes over to Rupy and Satti to share the good news about her new employment. They are all delighted. Satti requests that she look after her health.

Nehmat claims that it is the best magazine and that such a chance came about by accident. Rupy claims that you are Tejo’s daughter by talent. Nehmat is also congratulated by Shelly. Nehmat considers informing Aykam. She dials his number. He also contacts her. He dials Naaz’s number. She responds, “I’m delighted you phoned me after your breakup with Nehmat,” and asks how she is. He inquires as to whether Mallika was present. Nehmat is with her buddies, she explains. He requests that she inform Nehmat of his posting in Rajpura. She says I’ll inform her. She hangs up the phone and says it’s now easier to get them to leave. Aykam and Nehmat are thinking about each other. Satti inquires about Nehmat’s focus. Advait and Nikhil first meet at college. Vikram says you are becoming a total politician. Advait laughs.

Nehmat encounters the senior. She claims that she has no idea who will be attending the interview. Advait Kapoor, be ready, says the lady. Nehmat claims Mallika is a princely figure. She checks her phone and inquires about Aykam’s whereabouts. Aykam assures him that the terrorists will be apprehended. He wishes me well from you, Nehmat, as it is my first day here. Nehmat says, “It’s my first day at work, and I need your well wishes.” They both look at their photo and converse. He says he misses you, Nehmat. Naaz borrows Nehmat’s laptop. Nehmat appreciates you, but I didn’t need it. Naaz claims that Aykam is unaware of Nehmat’s employment, thus Nehmat will interview Mallika’s BF. I believe the Lord is on my side. Advait conducts the interview. Nehmat also asks him on the recent increase in molestation incidents. Advait claims that our party teaches women self-defense. She inquires as to what steps are being taken to stop the animals, and suggests that you teach them to respect ladies, install street lights, and boost police patrolling. He compliments the suggestion. She claims that no measures were made to ensure women’s hygiene in public restrooms.

Nehmat is stopped by the lady. Advait claims that our priority is to provide them with dwellings first, followed by toilets. Naaz thinks he’s wonderful. She looks over Advait’s profile and comments, “Oh, he has a brother too, Nikhil Kapoor, Mallika caught a lovely person.” Aykam and his colleagues proceed to apprehend the terrorists. Aykam is rescued. Advait compliments Nehmat on his work. She stated that your responses were also satisfactory, given this is my first job. She is jerked and falls. Advait cradles her in his arms and declares, “I told you, my party works for women’s protection.” Naaz takes their picture. Advait inquires as to your well-being. Nehmat says yes. Naaz says I will break Mallika and Nehmat’s pride, by showing their lovers’ true face. Aykam gets shot. Udaariyaan…plays…

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